Metaverse is the English word metaverse consisting of two sections: “meta” and means above or beyond, and “Ferris” in short for universal, i.e. the universe, so the word means the metamorphological or virtual world, as we need unique technology to enter this world.

The metaverse concept is rooted in the American writer Neil Stevenson, who created it in 1992 in his novel snow crush. The novel revolves around the characters entering the world of a metaverse in the avatar, hypothetical resemblance to the surface.

In metaverse, the avatar can transcend our world and enter the world of virtual reality. In Stevenson’s account, metaverse was a smuggler from a sombre dystopia dominated by corporate greed.

Since then, the word has been widespread, especially in gyms. It may seem familiar to role-playing gamers, as the virtual world can remain entered with the players’ different characters.

Those interested in the future had used the word for years when they predicted accessible digital communication.

Metaverse generally refers to virtual communities or overlapping worlds where avatars can communicate. We need VR headsets, augmented reality, watches, and smart glasses to get into the metaverse.

Company Vision

Connect in 2021, Zuckerberg shared his company’s vision for metavirs, integrating both 2d and 3d worlds into a single virtual society.

Meta will retain its existing apps such as Whatsapp and messenger and provide many new virtual tools, such as homes and offices, and e-commerce opportunities for businesses and content makers.

In meta’s conception of metafiles, users will have absolute control over their virtual worlds, designing everything from waterfront homes to space stations where you can work on a team, chat with friends, or study.

Using augmented reality and virtual reality and our current technical tools, metavirs will bring the physical and digital worlds together. It will remain a significant expansion of the Facebook horizon, now known as horizon world, established in 2019 as a virtual reality gaming platform.

Horizon World is available on Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, and a meeting room has remained attached to the project to promote teamwork after 2021.

Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the Cumbria project at the connect conference, the virtual reality headset used in the metaverse world. The company will launch a smartwatch likely to be connected to the virtual reality device.

Why does meta plan to develop Metaverse?

Zuckerberg explained that meta prioritizes metaverse and will invest more time, research and energy to revive that technology, but why?

“When I started Facebook, we often wrote texts on websites,” Zuckerberg said. Then, when we had phones with cameras, the internet became visual and mobile. As communications speed up, video has become a decadent way to share experiences. we have gone from a traditional computer to the internet to a mobile phone. From text to photos and videos, and development does not stop.”

Why does meta plan to develop metaverse?

According to Zuckerberg’s vision, metavirs are the next logical step in using the internet and social media.

Facebook wants to create a future in which we spend more time online and play a pivotal role in this change by designing a new world through which we communicate. metavirs will help people communicate. Meta believes that developing tools beyond traditional social media and increasing our ability to share with others is a leap forward.

Some critics see the new name as an attempt by Facebook to circumvent only negative publicity, the company’s bad reputation in recent years. Such as the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, the company’s misuse of personal data, and various security violations. However, meta said the rebranding came to include more precisely everything the company offers. Bypassing social media apps such as Facebook only.

Who Controls Metaverse?

The metavirs concept offers more questions than answers regarding technology regulation on a global scale.
In the virtual world, what body contains metavirs? How do companies protect privacy?
Meta noted that its vision of metavirs includes guarantees of user safety and the prevention of avatar theft. However, we still know very little about how metavirs remain managed, regulated. Or controlled to ensure user privacy and data protection.

With so many logical concerns about the use of social media, from harming children’s mental health to spreading misinformation about vaccines. It’s not hard to imagine how metavirs might open up a new set of dangerous files that we may not have addressed in the past.

How will it change the way we work?

The pandemic proved that employees were no longer satisfied with their office jobs from 9 to 5 and endless hours of movement. As a result, many employees prefer to work remotely, looking for companies that allow work from home or abandoning the traditional career path in favour of self-employment or entrepreneurship.

When you want to do your job anywhere in the world. Metavirs may theoretically be a tool to change the rules of communicating for business purposes. Especially between countries. from virtual office space to interviews. A lot can remain done online without you being there. Metavirs can change boring team meetings from 2d to 3d. Allowing you to be in your virtual office with the feeling that you’re attending an actual appointment.

Suppose it’s possible to integrate metaverse technology with existing office software and technologies. In that case, you can easily create a presentation you’ve prepared offline. And present it to colleagues in the metaverse meeting room. Or your colleague’s avatar will hand over a file so he can download it at home when he sees fit.

Employees can work from home, give up mobility and spend more time with their family and friends. It’s clear how attractive this will be, but will companies accept the loss of real-life workspaces forever? Despite the benefits of remote work for employee morale and psychological state. Many companies continue to express concerns about productivity and time use. These considerations prevent them from allowing employees to work remotely.

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