Body Spa – It’s time to pamper yourself, give yourself a particular time, and practice all those beauty routines you have kept on your nightstand for years or months! Although the reality is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to make this happen, did you know that you can make a spa at home and get excellent results?

This plan is ideal for these times of pandemic in which we do not have many options to go out and, however, we want to continue taking care of ourselves. Looking beautiful and radiant has never been so easy! In addition, you will feel calm and relaxed while you disconnect from reality. Your skin will look much more hydrated and fresh, you will feel younger, and the best, and your mood will change from heaven to earth.

Why is it Essential to make a Body Spa at Home?

Why is it Essential to make a Spa at Home?

Experts say that these activities provide benefits for physical and mental health. In addition, they contribute to stress relief, the release of mental discomfort, and disconnection from routine. Would you like to make yours?

It’s your lucky day! Here are the four steps you must follow to create your spa at home and live a unique and comforting adventure:

1. Disconnect from the World!

Therefore, the care and beauty ritual starts here. You have chosen this moment, especially for yourself, and it should be from beginning to end. So turn off your cell phone and forget about work, earrings, and, please! also, from social networks. It is unnecessary to share this routine with your friends or family. Live and enjoy the moment!

2. Set the Ideal Stage

You can choose the bathroom or the room that most inspires and relaxes you. The important thing is to set the space to complement your mood. Choose the colors that convey tranquility, love, and cleanliness. You will have a good time here, so make sure that nothing disturbs you: accompany the space with aromatic candles, dim lighting, soft and clean towels, transparent surfaces, and, why not, tranquil music!

Although silence can be pleasant company, you can also resort to a relaxing melody that allows you to find inner peace. Remember that, being a very personal moment, you can also take advantage of the occasion to recover that performer or song that touches your most sensitive fibers and moves you every time you listen.

3. Protagonists of the Session

It’s time to choose the products that best suit the needs of your skin and hair. Start by using a scented soap with hints of lavender. This scent contributes to the relationship process. It will fill the room with a refined and evocative fragrance, awakening your senses. We recommend you try the Yardley English Lavender Soap.

The next step is to use a body scrub, giving sustained massages to activate circulation and thus prevent cellulite. Sisley has her Energizing Foaming Body scrub, which she can’t miss. Test it. Now it is the turn of your face. Take a facial scrub and apply it very delicately. Be careful about rubbing too hard, as it can irritate your skin.

4. Don’t Stop Pampering Yourself!

Relax your neck, close your eyes, relax your face and immerse yourself in your thoughts. Then, give free rein to your whims: get a nice manicure, apply eyelash serum to make them grow longer and more robust, and let your imagination run wild! Enjoy taking care of yourself. In this spa at home, you rule!

What are its Benefits?

  • A spa day favors us, allowing us to:
    Rest from the daily routine; It is excellent for meditation as it can relax our minds and clarify our thoughts.
  • Have adequate muscle relaxation, which is why it is an excellent option for those with ailments or contractures caused by prolonged poor posture, sudden movement, or stress.
  • Reduce pain caused by bone problems, especially arthritis.
  • Promote increased blood circulation throughout the body by increasing oxygen supply to tissues and organs, thus benefiting our health in general.

What does a Body Spa Day Include?

The treatments received in a day spa depend on the needs of each person, couple, or group. Mainly, on a day spa in Medellin, it is common to find proposals that combine the application of several therapies. Among the various treatments offered are steam baths, relaxation body massages, therapeutic massages, body and facial exfoliation, and skin hydration.

Each type of therapy has its purpose. In this aspect, it is worth emphasizing in a general way that relaxation massages and steam baths allow to eliminate tensions; exfoliations remove dead cells, and the use of masks allows skin hydration in the areas where it is applied. Now that you know the benefits and possibilities that a spa day can offer us, I invite you to plan yours either with friends, with a partner, or simply as a personal gift that allows you to recharge your batteries and release tension.

How to Make a Body Spa Day at Home?

We listen to music that makes us vibrate, watch a movie that warms our hearts, cook something delicious, or have a spa day at home. Exfoliation, natural masks, and relaxing massages are among the best ways to take advantage of free time at home and give us a good dose of self-love.

As you can see, there are many conducts to pamper ourselves, but without a doubt, one of the favorites is to do a spa day at home, an alternative as relaxing as if you attended a natural spa, but from the comfort of your home.

Although it may seem a bit complicated to think about making a spa at home, the reality is that it is super easy to achieve since you already have many of the necessary elements right there. We are going to display you below.
Ready to relax like never before? Follow these easy steps to make a spa at home.

Prepare the Environment – Body Spa

To relax correctly, you must prepare the ideal environment, and to achieve this, you must choose a suitable room, whether the bathroom or your room. Also, choose a few candles, you can use aroma diffusers or light incense, and you can’t miss a playlist with your favorite music. Wear comfortable clothing and a headband to separate your hair from your face, and have a clean towel handy to dry off

Pamper your Skin – Body Spa

The next step to enjoying the spa at home is to exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells and look radiant. You can do it with a bit of lemon, sugar, honey, and jojoba for the hands, a mixture of ground coffee, the remains of the coffee beans left in the coffee maker, or soluble coffee, with natural yogurt for the body and oatmeal with honey for the face. Finally, remember to rinse with warm water.

Revitalize your Hair

Hair is one of the body portions that is most easily mistreated, and we often leave it aside. We present the ideal way to take care of it and give it a break from the dryer, beauty products, and pollution. Form a mixture with half a ripe avocado, two egg yolks, and a few drops of olive oil; Spread it over your hair, put on a shower cap or, Therefore, if you don’t have one, a plastic bag, and let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.

Pamper your Skin – Body Spa

To make your face feel pampered, we recommend a relaxing mask that will leave your skin very soft. You only need to blend ½ cucumber with 1/4 cup of milk, one tablespoon of honey, and another piloncillo and apply it to your face for 15 minutes. Then, remove with warm water, preferably cold.

Relax your Body – Body Spa

Who says you need a professional masseur to calm you down? Instead, you can apply a relaxing massage like an expert; Spread a little essential oil or cream on your hands and rub with circular movements from the feet upwards, in the opposite direction to the circulation.

Energize your Spirit – Body Spa

Finish your ritual with a well-deserved bath, alternating the water temperature. You can apply a mixture of oatmeal, sea salt, and almond oil all over your body to fill yourself with energy and revitalize your spirit. Don’t forget to rinse with water and dry with a clean towel.


Therefore, there are many different ways to escape the daily grind and break up the monotony. Those who have some country house usually take advantage of any occasion to organize a trip. Others are not so lucky and usually resort to a trip to disconnect from everything. A trip to a spa can be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

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