Remember that deleting the Facebook app does not delete your account; you can access it from the browser, and other apps can still use Facebook as a login. Deleting your phone’s icon makes it disappear and mind, but it does nothing to your overall account.

How to Delete Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp without Losing your Data?

How to Delete Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp without Losing your Data? If you’re a Facebook news follower, your problems are no secret to you.

However, suppose this information makes you feel unsafe, exhausted and decides that you no longer want to be part of the company community. In that case, all facebook platforms have easy steps to back up and delete your data.

What are these Problems?

In October 2021, Francis Hogan, a former data scientist at Facebook, published thousands of documents and addressed a senate subcommittee, bringing the world to the fore more and more of the company’s work and internal problems.

Such as its failure to manage hate speech and misinformation, internal research on the negative impact of Instagram on adolescents, especially girls, the inability of executives to take any action in that regard, and even the uncertainty about the actual size of the platform’s user database.

How to Delete Facebook?

How to delete Facebook? Your Facebook and messenger account is one account, so deleting one will affect the other, but that won’t happen with WhatsApp, Instagram, or any other apps you used Facebook to sign in to.

But before you delete your account, you may need to save the data you’ve loaded on the platform over the years. To do this, open your favorite web browser, go to your Facebook profile, then click on the bottom missile next to your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen, go to settings and privacy, then settings. From the side menu, choose your information on Facebook.

How to Delete Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp without Losing your Data?

You can see an exact copy of your data here by clicking on access to your information, or you can transfer it to another platform by clicking on the transfer of a copy of your data. Even downloading information by clicking on the view link next to this option.

From here, you can save everything you’ve posted on Facebook since you created your account and all the data the company has about you. For example, suppose you want to keep only the last few years of what you’ve posted.

In that case, you can choose a time range and the best type of information you want to save, from messenger conversations to publications, surveys, places, events, and events. This long list of items is automatically selected, but you can choose what you want to save by clicking the checkboxes.

After selecting the things, you want to keep a copy of, choose either Html or JSON format, which is better if you’re going to move your data elsewhere, and then click on creating a file.

Deactivation of Facebook

How to delete Facebook? Or Deactivate? It has a lot of information about you, so creating the file won’t be immediate, and it may take several days before the file or files are available to download. However, once you’ve made the file, Facebook will let you know by email that your data is ready to be saved.

Since this process is time-sensitive because the files are too large, Facebook will allow them to allow you for a few days before deleting them, and if you close the download window, you should start over.

When you get everything you want to be stored safely on a hard drive, you can end the process of deleting your account. Go back to your Facebook information list, and then go to deactivation and deletion, the options available here.

Deactivation means you can temporarily remove your account, i.e., remove your name, photos, and most of the things you’ve shared. But you’ll still be able to use messenger. You can also undo this process whenever you want.

However, if you choose to delete your account permanently, you will not be able to undo this procedure, and once you have completed it. You will lose all your Facebook data. So instead, click on the bubble next to your preferred option and click follow. Facebook will ask for your password again before everything disappears forever.

How Do you Delete your Instagram Account?

The process of backing up your data and deleting your Instagram account is very similar to what you did on Facebook. from your mobile phone, go to the settings menu, then security, and then click download the data. But if you’re using the web version, go to the settings menu. Privacy and safety, and then request download under data download.

Like facebook’s case, you’ll ask the platform to collect your information in one or several files so you can download everything later. The method can take up to 48 hours, and if you do this process over the web. You’ll be able to choose the Html or JSON format. Instagram will send you an email with a usable link for only four days when the file is ready.

Unfortunately, deleting or disabling your Instagram account is not as simple as Facebook. If you’re not sure, you want to permanently delete your Instagram account, sign in to your account via a web browser, go to the settings list, edit your profile, then scroll down.

You’ll find a link (not a button) that includes the words temporarily disabling my account, the platform will then ask for a reason, and you can answer by saying (something else), enter your password. Once you do that, you sign out, and it will cancel and activate your account until you sign in again.

Deleting an account is more complicated because the only way to do this is by going to that web page (which hasn’t happened since 2016 when Instagram changed its brand). If you’ve already signed in, Instagram will ask you why you deleted your account (and again, you don’t have to answer). After that, it’s steps to delete your account by entering your account password and depositing it forever.

How do you Delete Your WhatsApp Account?

WhatsApp has two sets of data that you can keep a backup of, namely, your chat history and account information.

To save all your messages, including files you’ve shared with your contacts on your mobile app, go to settings, then chats, and then back up chats. Where you’ll find your device’s backup settings (Google Drive for Android devices and iCloud for iOS devices) from where you can edit how often the app saves your messages on the cloud.

If you want to back up the data manually, press the backup button. And if you later change your mind about deleting WhatsApp, you can quickly restore your chat history.

To save your account information, you have to request from settings, go to the account, request account information, and click send a request. As on Facebook and Instagram. You’ll wait 48 to 72 hours for WhatsApp to collect your data, and when you’re ready. You’ll get an automated message with a fixed-term link to use. But that time will be for weeks instead of a few days.

Finally, go to the account from settings, delete my account, and enter the phone number with which you registered your account so that the entire chat history will be deleted. Removed from all WhatsApp groups. In addition, the backup will be removed from the cloud.