Natural Hair Styles – To look good with a new haircut you have to invest attention, time, and tools. First of all, essential to determine the shape of your face, this way you can play with the hairstyle that suits you best. Then, discover different hairstyles and some of the best products that will help you have the image you want to project.

1. The Undercut: Short Hair + Texture

Hair Styles – This is a hairstyle that is great for oval faces like Brad Pitt’s; It consists of cutting the sides of the hair quite close to the skull with an electric machine, and leaving the hair on the top of your scalp short or medium, on the upper part you will have it long enough to give it direction, and short enough to keep you warm. Also, you can sport this hairstyle with or without sideburns and it will still look neat.

2. The Natural Hair Styles: Long Hair with More Texture

A style that includes us all and does not exclude anyone is to play with your natural hairr. The trick is to show off your natural hair, giving it a bit of texture. It is important to fix yourself in front of the mirror, comb your hair well and use products such as pomades or waxes. Start with a matte pomade if you want to keep it from looking too wet; spread 1-2 fingers of product, rub it into your hands and then apply it evenly through the hair. Then with a comb, make the part for the side you prefer, comb the hair from the sides back and that’s it.

3. Smooth and Back: Long + Classic Pomade

This shortcut is perfect for triangular faces and David Beckham wears it very proudly; he looks very neat and at the same time modern. If you like to have a look that plays more towards the refined and tidy with a daring side, this is perfect for you. Get a comb so you can style it and pomade it to keep it going all day.

4. The Pompadour: Medium Hair + Volume

This style is perfect for round faces, a hair classic that will certainly look good, currently, it is a hairstyle that the American artist, Bruno Mars, wears a lot. This hairstyle contains a high gloss content, however, you can easily rock it with a fiber pomade for plenty of volumes and a fine-toothed comb.

5. Comb-Over: Volume + Brightness

This hairstyle can be used for any type of hair and any type of face. The “Comb Over” is very fashionable and looks good on all face types. It looks professional and modern; You can wear it with or without sideburns, with or without a beard and it will still look moral, it is highly versatile. The pomade you use can be medium or high gloss. Go around your barber of choice and let him know what you want.

The Latest Trends in Hair Styles for this Fall for Women

A change of season is the best opportunity to change and there is nothing that screams change better than a new fall haircut. After a summer of chlorine and saltwater, your hair deserves a little more attention. This season, there are plenty of reasons to consider getting a trim, and here are 10 options.

The Retro Shag – Hair Styles

A bang that pushes choppy layered hair with a sultry texture. By now, ‘shag’ is a household name (again).

The Straight Bob – Hair Styles

The straight ends and super short length give a classic bob a cool twist that will look super stylish. Ask your creator for a one-length cut that skims your chin.

Voluminous Curls – Hair Styles

Layers, curls, and fringe galore. There is nothing cooler than long curly hair that achieves that effortlessly cool look with lots of volumes.

Back in the ’70s – Hair Styles

Curly girls looking to let them loose will be happy to know that the cut will enhance their texture. This cut is perfect for the fall period, especially for those who want to maintain the length, but still, make a change.

Long Layers Galore – Hair Styles

For those who aren’t ready to part with their length, layering is the easiest way to make long hair look different. Depending on the layers, they can give it texture, bounce, and sometimes even make it look fuller.

Shoulder Length – Hair Styles

This season, the classic shoulder-length hairstyle has been reinvented for different hair textures and colors to add some edge.

The French Court – Hair Styles

Soft and romantic: The French ‘bob’ with a full bang and a soft angled line will be very much on-trend. We suggest flipping the ends so they frame the cheeks.

Straight with Curtain Bangs

We will also see the bangs parted and combed to the sides to frame the face. The bangs often featured a fair amount of thin layering, which enhanced that feminine vibe that women wore. Such a relaxed style could not just disappear, so it returned to modern fashion.

Which is the Perfect Natural Hair Styles for You?

Which is the Perfect Hair Styles for You?

Yes, your haircut has to adapt to your features, but also your style of dress. Take a look at our proposals!

Waves are a safe bet and never go out of style. If you like the boho style, go for some surfer waves. Do you prefer the romantic style? Then opt for soft waves. And if you want to get a very glam look, waves in the purest Hollywood style will be a total success.

Straight hair will look great on you if you like to achieve a classic look. If you want to give it a preppy touch, bet on the parting in the middle. The most important thing is that the hair is well polished. That easy!

Therefore, If you like to experiment with your looks and the hipster style is what you like the most, dare with a short haircut with bangs. Now it is worn a lot and those who know the most about fashion already wear it with pride. Do you dare?

Do you always go to the latest and do you love to follow the new fashion trends? Then the bob haircut is the ideal solution for you. Versatile, flattering, and very pretty. It has been a trend for a few seasons and this 2020 will also take a lot. Don’t think twice!


Natural Hair Styles – There are four types of natural hair: straight, wavy, curly, and frizzy. Naturally, straight hair can be thick or thin and is generally the softest and shinier with the most highlights compared to other hair types. While naturally wavy hair can also be thick or thin but is more rebellious, it often frizzes and flies all over the place.

Therefore, as for naturally curly or frizzy hair, it is often difficult to tame hair. It can take hours to smooth them and they become “foamy” as soon as the air is a little humid. As many women have discovered, the battle we inflict on our hair is rarely a victory

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