Best Laptops (2022)


Laptops have thwarted attempts by tablets. To take over and remain a staple of the tech world, especially in the new era of hybrid working. As a result, there is an almost endless supply of laptops with a complex range of models and specifications. Reviewed and ranked the best ones in this article.

We’ve tested and ranked the best laptops you can get right now. And we’re adding more (and removing older models) regularly. The 2022 models will arrive as soon as we can get them.

If none of the laptops we’ve listed here are suitable for you. Let us provide you with the knowledge to help you decide which laptop to buy. At the end of the comparison, you’ll find a detailed buying guide that covers everything from the most suitable processor. To the storage capacity you’ll need to the possibility of choosing a more portable computer.

1 Huawei Mate Book 14s (2021) – The Best Across the Board

The Mat eBook 14s, an upgraded version of the (also excellent) Mat eBook 14, is another desirable all-rounder in the laptop market, especially since the webcam is above the screen rather than hidden inside the keyboard.

It’s only 720p but supports Windows Hello login.
The 14s is also impressive for components, up to an H-series i7 processor and 16GB of RAM.
Additionally, the 2.5K display offers a smooth 90Hz refresh rate, and there are plenty of ports.
Too bad Thunderbolt 4 is limited to the top-end model, and there are thinner and lighter rivals if portability is your priority.

2 Apple MacBook Air (M1) – The Best MacBook

The MacBook Air may not be different from its predecessor, but its hardware matters in this new version.
Offering a significant improvement over Intel’s 10nm chip in the previous Airline, the internal 5nm-etched M1 chip is blazingly fast for light video editing and lag-free gaming.

The Air takes off and is more potent than many Intel-based Windows PCs, and it’s also excellent value for money compared to its entry-level version. Its autonomy has also increased, and Apple has very well renewed the screen, keyboard, and touchpad.

On the other hand, this Air does not have a fan to make it less noisy, reducing its performance so as not to overheat. Those who want to edit videos for hours on end might be better off with the fan-equipped MacBook Pro M1, although it doesn’t add extra ports.

3 Dell XPS 15 9510 (Late 2021): Best 15-inch laptops

Thanks to its aluminum and carbon fiber value, the Dell remains one of the best-looking commercial laptops on the marketplace.

It also excels in many other areas: it’s Core i7-11800H processor is speedy, has plenty of memory, and has an excellent keyboard.

The screen is exceptionally vivid, so the tasks seem bold, and the speakers are excellent. It also has a powerful battery that can sustain a day’s work in most scenario

XPS computers are never cheap, and the 9510 isn’t perfect. You’ll have to look elsewhere if you want near-perfect color accuracy, and you can find better battery and port options elsewhere.

4 Huawei MateBook D 14 – The Best Mid-Range laptops

Huawei has done a great profession in creating the Mat eBook D 14 to look like a high-end PC.
Although not touted as a gaming laptop, the Radeon Vega 8’s graphics are good enough for casual games like Fortnite and Rocket League. Battery life is rated at 10 hours, and 65W fast charging can boost the Mat eBook to 43% in just half an hour.

It’s light, portable, and powerful; it’s a great mid-range PC.

5 HP Envy 13 (2021) – Better with Core i5 laptops

The HP Envy 13 has a decent design, a large screen, and reliable everyday computing power thanks to its Core i5. It also has a sturdy keyboard and good battery life. In many ways, it’s an impressive everyday ultraportable.

It’s priced affordably unless you’re looking for the i7 model, and you might not like the lack of HDMI and Thunderbolt either. You’ll find models with the better touchpad elsewhere.

6 Lenovo Yoga Slim 7: Best for Streaming

The Yoga Slim 7 may lack a fingerprint reader and an Ethernet port, but it has other strengths like its lightness, despite not having a 360-degree hinge.

It is available in a version with an Intel or AMD processor. Its screen is satisfactory. Its battery is solid. It equipper with Dolby Atmos speakers, Wi-Fi 6, etc. Overall, it’s a perfect computer.

7 Acer Swift 5 (SF514-55T) – The Most Portable laptops

Acer continues to excite with the Swift 5, an outstanding all-around laptop.
It’s not as affordable as the last type, but it’s incredibly compact and lightweight, yet still premium, and offers a good selection of ports, including Thunderbolt 4.

It doesn’t have the best keyboard or speakers, but its screen has been improved, and the performance is solid; finally, the battery life is awe-inspiring.

8 Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 – Best Hybrid

Since its return to the laptop market, Samsung has continual to produce excellent 2-in-1 adaptable laptops, and the Book Pro 360 is our new best favorite. Though, the Galaxy Book Flex 2 is still a countless other.

The screen could be brighter, and there’s no dedicated graphics card here. But the outstanding design and pen support make the Book Pro 360 a versatile machine proficient in handling an extensive range of tasks. Regular and inspired.

Performance remains solid, battery life is excellent, and you can even opt for 5G mobile data if you need it.

9 Microsoft Surface Laptop 4: With the best build quality – Laptops

Although the design needs an update, the Surface Laptop 4 is an excellent all-around laptop that will suit many users.

Fans can be noisy, but performance is solid with AMD or Intel chips, and battery life is also good. Its high-end screen and pleasant keyboard guarantee a comfortable experience.

However, the high-end models are too expensive, and at these prices, we would like to see an OLED screen and LTE connectivity, for example.

10 Huawei MateBook X Pro (2021) – Most Stylish – Laptops

The design is worn after four years, especially the webcam placement, as video calling is more important than ever. However, the X Pro still looks excellent, and its build quality is excellent.

Battery life has been improved but still lags the competition, and there’s no longer dedicate illustrations card choice, which is a shame. It’s not as professional as it used to be, but it’s still a great choice in many other conducts.

The newest Intel chips are fast, the 3:2 screen is decent, and the X Pro is among the best for keyboard and trackpad.


Comparative studies showed that more than four out of five people owned laptops. This propensity tends to stabilize. However, the renewal of old devices remains one of the best markets for manufacturers. But how to make the best choice and not buy a laptop that might not be suitable when you have no experience.

Consult a comparison is essential then. Our consumer portal offers you one of the best comparisons of the different brands on the market based on tests and consumer reviews. We investigated you. This clear comparison will allow you to choose with confidence the best laptop that meets your needs.

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