Scoop Piercing is primarily defined as the action of piercing part of your body to put some jewel or decorative element on it.

Scoop Piercing

There are piercings of various materials and shapes. The main characteristic of the materials place after drilling is hypoallergenic, biocompatible, and easy to clean.

How is a Scoop Piercing Done?

  • You must bear in mind that, although small, the piercing that is complete in the tongue is a minor surgical intervention. Therefore, you should never overlook all care for any invasive treatment.
  • A tongue piercing is a relatively simple procedure, especially for trained and experienced banders. But that is not why it should be taken lightly.
  • Our advice is that you look for duly referenced personnel with adequate knowledge in anatomy and in a place that meets all health requirements.
  • For your health, you mustn’t skimp on the precautions regarding safety during the procedure and the care required once you have put on the piercing.
  • The tongue is one of the places where this perforation can make and thus place some jewel, ring or earring. There are piercings of many materials and shapes. The main characteristic that the materials placed after the perforation must have is hypoallergenic and biocompatible. Their cleaning is safe and straightforward to prevent the spread of any unwanted infection.
  • In recent years, tongue piercings have become an aesthetic trend. These earrings, placed vertically or transversely in them, bring a series of complications both in the short and long term.

Scoop Piercings: A Dangerous Trend

In ancient cultures, such as the Mayan or Aztec cultures, tongue piercings had a symbolic connotation: young people thus symbolized their transition to adulthood. These piercings are understood as a sign of bravery, denial of fear of death or physical pain.

This rite indicated, in this way, the rank that a member occupied within a tribe. This practice spread, especially from the 1990s, to Western cultures. Although, on some occasions wearing a tongue piercing can be understood as a symbol of belonging to a particular urban tribe, in most cases, the placement of these earrings has a purely aesthetic purpose.

However, on many occasions, the risk that wearing an earring in the mouth can cause our oral health is unknown. Did you know that wearing an earring in your mouth is directly related to periodontal disease, for example?

But before getting into the matter and explaining the disadvantages of wearing an oral piercing, we must first know what precautions you should take into account when deciding to place an earring on your tongue.

Types of Scoop Piercings

Tongue piercings complete vertically or transversely. In this way, we can distinguish different types of tongue piercings :

  • Therefore, the most common piercing is the one made vertically in the center of the tongue. On some occasions, it prefers to place the earring position closer to the tip of the earring. In addition to being more visible, this area has a more significant number of nerve endings -which implies a greater risk of bleeding- and more excellent contact with the teeth, which can cause more substantial erosion of the teeth.
  • Another of the most common vertical piercings is the Venom or Viper piercing. These are two earrings place symmetrically on the lingual surface.
  • As for transverse piercings, we can distinguish the one known as the horizontal piercing -which crosses the tongue from one end to the other- and the Surface piercing, which does not cross it entirely.
  • Horizontal piercings are much more complex than vertical ones, as the risk of crossing a nerve or vein increases. Therefore, the possibility of producing hemorrhage or abundant bleeding maximize and damaging a nerve ending – whose effect is irreversible.
  • Lastly, we can distinguish two types of piercings in the lingual frenulum: the smiley –performed in the frenulum that connects the gum with the upper lip- or the web piercing or Marley, made in the sublingual frenulum –that is, in the one that joins the tongue with the floor of the mouth.
    However, tongue piercings are not the only piercings complete in the oral cavity.

What other Piercings can be Done in the Oral Cavity?

What other Piercings can be Done in the Oral Cavity?

In addition to tongue piercings, there is a wide variety of earrings place in the oral cavity. Such are those that pierce the upper or lower lip, those found shooting the area near corners of the lips or cheeks.

Regardless of the location of the earring. People who decide to have some piercing should follow a series of recommendations to ensure proper healing.

What Care Does Scoop Piercing Require?

The tongue is an organ comprising a large concentration of bacteria, blood vessels, and nerve finishes. For this reason, we must exercise dangerous carefulness when healing a wound caused by a hole.

Therefore, hygiene is essential in the healing procedure. In these belongings, upholding complex oral cleaning routines is essential to circumvent likely infection. You must brush your teeth and tongue after each meal and use an alcohol-free mouthwash that promotes eradicating all food leftovers and bacteria in the mouth.

Significances of a Tongue Piercing

Therefore, before creation a firm decision about getting a tongue piercing, you should keep in attention that getting a tongue piercing can main to a series of complications:

  • Infections: The mouth is a cavity that contains colonies of bacteria. In case of not having rigorous oral hygiene, the presence of these colonies can negatively influence the appearance of an infection in the wound caused by the perforation.
  • Prolonged bleeding, in case there is a perforation of the blood vessels.
  • Pain, inflammation and numbness of the tongue.
  • Chipped or broken teeth due to the continuous hitting of the earring with the surface of the dental pieces.
  • Interference of its functioning in the regular activity of the mouth. The placement of piercing influences the levels of saliva secretion and can cause difficulties in pronunciation and problems chewing and swallowing.
  • Infectious diseases transmitted through blood -piercings. If not done in the right place, can be factors of transmission of hepatitis B or C-and other conditions that can transmit through the bloodstream, such as bacterial endocarditis.
  • Although at first, the greatest fear of those who are going to have a tongue piercing pain cause by the piercing. They have considerable damage to oral health. If you have decided to place an earring in the oral cavity. Find out in advance about the risks involved and, therefore, about the precautions you must take to avoid future complications.


Piercing refers to piercing some part of the body and placing a decorative element or some jewel there. Scoop Piercing can make chewing difficult. The process of scoop piercing is Dangerous.

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