Yes, you can! Finance your Bedroom Without Problems

Bedroom Renovation – We need to rest to be able to face the day-to-day with energy. The rest occurs during sleeping hours. Apart from providing us with that energy, is vital to take care of our health. Therefore, the bedroom and the broken equipment, including the bed, pillows, and sheets, must be in optimal settings that allow rest to be carried out agreeably and comfortably.

If your bedroom does not meet the conditions to provide adequate rest or has already become outdated, you should proceed to renovate it. Investing in rest is investing in health, and a reform of the bedroom can lead to the hours of sleep used satisfactorily, getting the body to relax and rest.

Why Renovate the Bedroom?

Why Renovate the Bedroom?

More than a third of our lives spent sleeping, and we do this in our bedroom. Therefore, it is an entire stay within our home, which must meet the best conditions for our comfort and rest.

Over time, the furniture, the bed, the pillows, etc., get old or obsolete. Today, you can find modern products on the market that improve rest and offer cutting-edge designs. The new materials and technologies applied to rest provide mattresses and pillows that significantly improve the conditions in which our body rests while sleeping. With the bedroom renovation, we have the ideal opportunity to access these new rest products.

Advantages of Renovating the Bedroom

Some of the advantages of performing a bedroom renovation are as follows:
– By renovating the essential equipment of a bedroom, such as the bed and pillows, it will be possible to make sleeping hours more pleasant, avoiding neck and back pain. Good sleep means better health and more vitality throughout the day. In addition, getting up after 7 or 8 hours of comfortable sleep provides the necessary energy to face the day with joy and motivation.

How to Finance Bedroom Renovation

To finance the complete renovation of the bedroom, the best option is to go to a company specializing in rest and bedroom equipment, which has a safe financing system with financial advantages.

Finance your Bedroom in 12 Months without Interest

Mascouche offers financing to renovate your bedroom that includes a deferred payment in 12 monthly installments without interest. The total cost of the bedroom renovation divides by 12, which will be the amount to be paid each month. With this type of financing, it is possible to acquire the desired bedroom without paying more for making the deferred payment, allowing us to purchase the bedroom that suits our needs.

A complete renovation of the bedroom can mean a change for the better in life, both in health and mood. Although this renovation may involve a cost, the possibility of financing it without interest makes it possible for you to embark on this necessary change in your home.

The Right Bed for You

Which bed to choose will not only depend on the bedroom and whether it is for one or two people. It is also essential that you consider your height. A good rest requires that the mattress supports your whole body. Otherwise, you could suffer some problems in the spine or joints.

Where to Locate the Bed in the Bedroom?

It does not matter where you place the bed, mainly if you have limited space. In the case of double, queen, or king, beds are usually placed in the middle of the area, with a headboard against the wall, trying to leave a space of 70 cm on the side’s feet.

In the case of single beds, it is best to put them in a corner, against two walls, to optimize the room’s space and leave room for other furniture such as a wardrobe, desk, or games area. As with double beds, a minimum distance of 70 cm at the sides and foot recommends.

Your bed About the Windows

The most important rule regarding your bed’s location about the window is that it is not on it because there will not be proper insulation on that wall. As a result, you will not have easy access to the window, you will not be able to add a headboard, and finally, it can be dangerous in some cases.

Your Bed to the Door

Although there are no strict guidelines about the bed’s position concerning the door, it recommends always being towards the foot and not the head. Consider that the width of an entry is about 72 cm. approximately, and therefore, you must have that space so that it opens correctly.

And What about the Closets?

If you have closets :
You will not have to worry about the available square meters with sliding doors.
If the doors are hinged, you will need to measure the width and make sure you leave sufficient space between the bed and the closet to open it comfortably. Even consider a few extra centimeters to be able to walk with the wardrobe open.

Ten Original Ideas to Decorate a Bedroom – Bedroom Renovation

The Choice of Mattress

The choice of mattress is the first thing we must consider when decorating the room. And it is that although it is an essential part of the bedroom. We must bear in mind that we can find many types of mattresses with different characteristics and features and that not all of them adjust to the same person in the same way. Furthermore, it is necessary to consider the materials they manufacture. And their quality. The most popular are viscoelastic mattresses, latex mattresses, HR foam mattresses (primary), and spring mattresses. Based on them, we will know what the bed’s firmness is, the ventilation, and if they are colder or more, they better await the heat. In addition, you can find a wide variety of brand mattresses in our online store at a reasonable price. Such as Pimolin, Bolex, Sunday, or La Premiere mattresses.

Decorate youth Bedroom Walls: Headboards, Posters, and Boards for Photos

When talking about decorating the walls of a youth bedroom. A range of possibilities opens up since there are many options at hand. One of the first things we always recommend when decorating a bedroom —whether for youth or adults— is to install a headboard. It will prevent the walls from peeling when moving the bed from one side to the other and staining. When leaning our heads on them every time we sit down to read a book, watch television, or rest. We recommend a simple model for a youth room, such as this upholstered and padded sofa available in various colors.

A Convertible Sofa for Decorating a Small Double Bedroom

The convertible sofa looks great in the decoration of a small double bedroom. It allows you to have more space when the bed folds without depriving you of a comfortable and comfortable place to sit. It is an excellent option for shared housing.

The Train Bed for Children’s Bedrooms

Last but not least, we recommend that you include a train bed in your young children’s room. These look good, giving a very nice and comfortable feeling. Which will guarantee the comfort of your little ones. When they go to nap or simply when they are in the room. The train bed model that we recommend fits perfectly in any children’s bedroom. It is white and has fawn drawers at the bottom that are very valuable for storing sheets, blankets, and all types of bedding.


The bedroom is one of the unique places in the home. We spend a lot of hours a day on them. It says about the way of being tastes; they are the main bedrooms of the house. Our bedroom in a rented room, or if it is the bedroom of each of the children.

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