Vacation – When it comes to packing to give us our getaways, it is vital to consider the climate we are going to and especially the plans we have in mind. A tourist vacation is very different from a restful vacation.

Therefore In this article, I share some tips to know what you should pack depending on your trip.

How to Dress if you Travel in Cold Weather?

1. Dress Comfortable but Elegant – Vacation

How to Dress if you Travel in Cold Weather?

During the journey, you will have the chance to visit different restaurants and like the gastronomy of the home. Always carry a comfortable but elegant dress in your suitcase. You do not want to look informal when discovering new restaurants on your trip.

2. Elegant Pants – Vacation

How to Dress if you Travel in Cold Weather?

One of the adventures of being a tourist is the opportunity to visit sacred sites or symbols that require specific dress codes. Thus, many churches and religious places do not allow you to enter shorts or pants that are ripped or colorful. Therefore, It is always better to have a pair of pants on hand to get you out of this predicament.

3. A Good Winter Coat – Vacation

How to Dress if you Travel in Cold Weather?

Take a perfect winter jacket that is thick and keeps you warm.

4. A Jacket – Vacation

4. A Jacket

Regardless of the terminus, it is always vital to have a jacket. The climate can be random, and you don’t know when to bundle up.

Smooth in summer, having a jacket on hand is unnecessary to defend you from the cold, especially in some seats that overstate air training, such as museums.

Vacation – How to Dress for Hot Weather?

1. Some Elegant Sandals

Remember to pack in your suitcase a pair of sandals that go with your outfits, with which you can visit restaurants and go for a walk. Besides, Let your feet rest from the city’s rhythm and breathe with a good pair of sandals.

2. Matching

Indispensable for use at the beach and pool. Therefore, the best option is to wear a pair. Therefore, you can wear it in different ways, and you will be comfortable all day on the beach

3. A Hat

Vacation - How to Dress for Hot Weather?


Perfect for walking, lounging on the beach, or covering your face from the sun by the pool.
A hat is helpful, but it will also add style to your outfits. You will look elegant and sophisticated. Black fabric printed hat for women

4. A Good Bag

You will need a big bag to bring your things and sunglasses, sunscreen, a bottle of water, and more.
They are ideal for the beach because you can carry everything you need in one place.

5. Shorts or Light Dresses

In that heat, what you will want most is to be fresh. Be sure to pack dresses or shorts to be as comfortable as possible. That way, you’ll never go out of style. black shorts for women in Bogota

Vacation – How to Dress if you go as a Walking Tourist?

1. Some Good Tennis

Anyone who has ever been a tourist knows that the days are walking, walking, and walking. However, make sure you pack comfortable tennis shoes that have good ventilation and allow you to make the tours you want through those cities that you wish to discover.

2. A Small Suitcase

For long days in the city, you don’t want to be carrying things in your hands all day. Thus, It is best to carry a small suitcase in which you can put what you need for the day and be more comfortable during your adventure.

3. A Thermos or Bottle of Water

Although it is not an item of clothing, it can be an accessory. Keep in mind that the walking tourist suffers from the ravages of the climate and thirst from walking and exploring, which is tiring, and you will not want to be buying a bottle of water on every corner. Therefore, Carry a thermos in your suitcase. Thus, there are many places where you can fill it up and carry water with you throughout the day. With these garments, you will save yourself problems during your trips and have the best photos to publish on social networks.

Filling List for a Vacation with Children

Filling your bags for a holiday with kids doesn’t have to be time-consuming. However, we are reviewing these lists and creating your list with everything you need for the trip. When the list is made, it will only be essential to follow some group tips so that all is stored in its place and is accessible to discovery.

Clothing – Vacation

Therefore, Instead of packing many clothes, opt for quick-drying garments in coordinating colors. One set of garments per day of stay is calculated, with a maximum of 4.
– Underwear and stocking sets
– T-shirts, pants, skirts, dresses
– Flip flops and sandals
– Sneakers
– Shoes for walking or hiking
– Wellingtons
– Bathing suits and clothes for the pool or the sea
– Sun hat
– Waterproof jacket, cold jacket
– Rain clothes
– Personal hygiene items in a toiletry bag or camping bag
– An elegant outfit for a special occasion!

Extras for Babies – Vacation

– diapers
– Bibs and clothes
– Waterproof layer for the bed Accessories and toys optional
– Sunglasses, hat
– Pajamas, night light
– Books to read and to color
– Pencils and supplies for crafts
– Board and card games
– Beach toys


Packing your suitcase to go on vacation is often dull. Since, beyond the excitement of the trip, it becomes difficult to decide what to take or leave. Which usually ends up in us forgetting our favorite clothes or something important. Therefore, we suggest you make a packing list for the beach before packing.
Therefore, Your documents must be kept separate from ordinary luggage. Carry ID, credit cards, driving licenses, and any other document you need in your handbag.

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