Why People with Back Pain should Exercise? – After several months of quarantine, many of us began suffering from back pain that we had not suffered before. It may have several reasons: increased tension during the pandemic, lack of movement, and a long time in one situation.

Some believe it is necessary to rest if there is back pain, but activity can relieve pain and protect against back pain again. In addition, the spine is accustomed to movement and curvature, keeping bones and soft tissues solid and flexible.

Regular movement and exercise can help improve and restore strength. Endurance and flexibility and help you recover more quickly from a bout of acute lower back pain. It is why continuing physical activity is one of the most widely recommends ways to treat back pain.

Why does physical activity benefit us?

Despite extensive exercise and physical activity advice for those in pain. Researchers are still testing the mechanism and application goal and the best rate of movement to relieve pain.

The traditional view of how exercise helps relieve pain focuses on how exercise affects the spine’s compositions, for example. By increasing muscle strength in the spine and abdomen. While these ideas are partly supported by research, they do not fully explain why exercise can relieve back pain.

There is a growing indication to suggest that exercise leads to helpful changes to specific functions in the nervous system, including the brain. For example, exercise directly affects how we deal with pain by reducing our sensitivity to harmful stimuli, called relieves the sense of pain caused by activity.

In research on adults who do not suffer from pain. One round of intensive aerobic exercise – such as cycling or running for 15 minutes – can stimulate these pain-relieving effects for about 30 minutes after that.

Pain-Relieving Effects

These pain-relieving effects are based on several reaction mechanisms, most notably the release of naturally produced pain relievers in the body, such as endocannabinoids, adrenaline, morphine, endorphins, and serotonin (inside the nervous system and through circulation).

These chemical signals are directly pain relief and have the added benefit of improving mood. Which is a significant benefit because the experience of pain is directly influenced by one’s thoughts and feelings and pain control.

Another critical mechanism believes to involve in the lack of pain caused by exercise consists of forming new. And valuable connections within the nervous system. A process called neuroplasticity.

These structural changes in the nervous system work on slower time scales than chemical changes caused by lack of exercise-induce pain but are thought to decrease movement-related pain over time.

Although the search for precise mechanisms to support the lack of pain caused by exercise continues. The good news is that exercise, despite the pain. It helps to stimulate these pain-relieving effects.


Fortunately, no specific exercise or activity need to relieve lower back pain. However, combining physical activity — the cumulative toll of movement we do every day — with practice can be helpful. Regardless of the type of exercise.

But that doesn’t mean we start running or lifting weights in anticipation of back pain. Instead, according to current capabilities, planning what we want to do is essential. Gradually increasing intensity to avoid harm.

More importantly, doing the things a person enjoys that are likely to sustain will better help relieve pain and hope that he will not come back.

There are also many simple ways to move more daily by exchanging short times of activity throughout the day, such as climbing and falling stairs several times every few hours. Of course, it’s best to reduce the time spent in one mode. Or even think about having a permanent office.

Usually, back pain is rarely causes by severe back pain. Often due to simple curvature movements, and will improve within a few weeks.

One of the best things we can do is stay active and exercise, and we usually recommend choosing injections or surgery. Even if back pain persists for a few months or more. Increased physical activity and exercise are the best ways to deal with it.

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