Why Should I Brush the Tongue? If you brush your teeth and dental floss twice a day without killing the bacteria that live on your tongue, you’re causing damage to your mouth, and dentists say that whether you want to fight the bad breath or keep your teeth healthy, tongue cleaning remains very important.

The tongue remains covered with bacteria:

Coffee turns the colour of bacteria on the language into brown, and the wine turns red. So the tongue is a target for bacteria, just like teeth, even if they are not at risk of decay pits like them.

“Bacteria on the tongue combine taste papillary and other tongue areas to a large extent, the tongue is smooth, it contains cracks and heights all over it, so bacteria hide if they don’t come down, in these places,” says Dr. john king of Virginia.

The lotion is not enough:

So, what else does that mean? “this doesn’t just mean it’s harmless saliva, but it’s a biometric membrane or a group of microorganisms clustered together on the surface of the tongue,” says Kling. unfortunately, it is not enough to use mouthwash or drink water to get rid of it.”

Kling adds that it is difficult to kill bacteria in the biosphere because mouthwash only kills the outer bacterial cells of the biometric membrane, and the cells underneath remain without getting rid of them.

These remaining bacteria lead to bad breath and may cause damage to the teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to remove these bacteria, especially by brushing.

How should I Brush the tongue?

Kling says the tongue should always remain brushed when brushing teeth, and it’s straightforward: you should clean forward and backwards. Then clean from the language to the other, and then wash the mouth with water. But be careful not to get too fresh so that the tongue membrane does not get hurt.

Some people prefer to use tongue-to-tongue itching, available in most pharmacies. However, the American dental association says there is no evidence that itching of the tongue may prevent bad breath.

Is terrible breath still a problem?

Usually, cleaning the tongue prevents bad breath, but if this problem remains, you should consult a doctor.
It causes tooth decay, infections of the mouth, nose, throat, sinuses, taking certain medications, and even cancer with a foul mouth smell.

Brushing is a simple addition to your day-to-day dental cleaning routine, and experts recommend making it a permanent daily habit.