What does it mean to Buy a Mattress?

Mattress – Unless we have specific savings to be able to pay it in one go, a mattress is not a cheap product. And if it is, you may have to ask yourself why. We are talking about one of the essential pillars of household items, the king of our bedroom! To make a good mattress, you have to invest in technology and use the best materials. Since only in this method is it possible to offer better comfort and ensure a healthy rest.

If you are looking for a mattress on which you can sleep without worrying about cold, heat, firmness, or round support for your back and neck, you are looking for quality and comfortable products designed for your specific needs. Therefore, a good option for personalization.

Financing a Mattress: a Good Idea

After having decided which mattress is the one that best suits you, the next step is the purchase itself. That’s when the fear enters. We understand it. Paying for a mattress at once can be very difficult for you. But perhaps you have not thought that spending it in installments is the alternative.

Forget about complicated financing processes! To finance a mattress, you only have to choose this option when placing the order: indicate how much money you will invest in total, calculate how many installments you can assume, and that’s it!

Thanks to the facilities that online stores usually offer, you can even get an idea of how you can finance your purchases even before choosing measurements, fabrics, and other elements. It allows you to finish your purchase process with total security and know your deferred payment characteristics in advance
There are no more excuses to achieve a healthy rest!

How to Economics a New Mattress?

It may be time for a new bed. I doubt you don’t have a mattress, or your present mattress shows symbols of wear and tear. Receiving a new mattress can be irresistible as mattresses can be pretty contented, with approximate sets estimated at $1,000. If you are concerned about a new bed, you can finance it to get the mattress you want today. When you’re prepared to purchase the mattress, you may discover that you have a couple of funding choices to assist with the cost of the new bed over time. Things You’ll Need

Credit Card

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Visit local mattress stores to choose the mattress you are interested in buying. Ask if the company haste financing of the house for the purchase. For example, some furniture stores or department stores that sell mattresses have in-house financing or a store credit card with which you can finance the new bed.

2 Fill out a credit application if the store offers new mattress financing. Name, DOB, Social Security number, financial information, and current address are all required on credit applications

3 Check the financing conditions before buying the mattress. Some offers include a certain number of days that no interest is charged on the purchase, while others have a fixed interest rate. Pay special attention to the financing interest rate, more than 20 percent.

4 Use a credit card to finance the new mattress if you get a better interest rate. You can use a regular Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover Card to finance the bed if the store accepts your type of card. In some cases, the interest rate on your credit card may be a better rate than the store financing rate.

5 Make regular monthly payments from your mattress finance line or credit card to pay for the mattress purchase.

Mattress – Find out the Right Bed Size for Your Bedroom

One of the most important things to reflect when beautifying or renewing your bedroom is the size of the bed.

It will not only be the central piece but having an appropriate resting home, which eases a good night’s sleep and provides happy transportation through the bedroom, is vital.

To help you in this job, we have created a practical and particular guide so that you know what size bed you should choose according to the square meters you have. So grab your tape and read on!

Mattress – What Types of Beds are There?

  • The first thing is to know what variety of beds exists in the market. Surely you have heard of double, queen, or individual, but you likely do not know their measurements or dimensions exactly.
  • One square or single (individual): ideal for children or one person to sleep, since its extents are 0.90 m wide x 1.90 or 2.00 m long.
  • Square and a half measure 1.35 m wide x 1.90 or 2.00 m long.
  • Matrimonial queen (2 places): it is the standard measure in our country. Ideal for couples whose rooms are not very large. It measures 1.50 m wide x 2 m long.
  • King: It’s a bit larger than the double, so it’s usually more comfortable. It measures 1.80 m wide x 1.90 m long.
  • Super-king: Finally, the most prominent option. The Super King beds are perfect for those looking to rest comfortably and have a large room. They measure 2m wide x 2m long.

What Documentation do I Need to Finance?

If you are already a Cetelem client and have a line of credit with us. You will only need to accept your funding by entering a PIN code that we will send to your mobile phone without filling out forms or sending documentation.

If you are a new client of Cetelem or you do not have a line of credit with us, the documents that we will need from you are:

  • DNI on both sides or residence card (In the case of foreign people. we will also need the official identity paper of your country’s signed or valid passport).
  • Proof of revenue (last payslip in the case of being salaried. last income statement if you work as a self-employed, or letter of revaluation of the pension if you are a senior).
  • The first sheet of the bank book or a straight debit where the IBAN code and the account holder appear must be the same person requesting the financing.

What is the Amount that I can Finance?

Minimum Amount to investment ≥ €90 and minimum monthly payment ≥ €12. We have not established a maximum amount to finance, but we are very committed to granting a responsible loan adapted to the needs of each client.

When do I Start Paying my Financing?

First receipt will process in the bank account on the 5th of the month following the completion of the financing. So, for example, if the funding


Next, you will direct to our financing process, where you can finance in a few steps and 100% online:
If you are a customer and already have a line of credit. You will only need to receive your financing by entering a PIN code that we will send you by SMS to your mobile.

If you do not have a line of credit or you are a new customer. You will be able to finance your purchase in less than you expect. You will only need to attach the certification detailed in point two: What documentation do I need to invest?

Mattresses Financed in Installments without Interest

You can purchase furniture and mattresses financed by orders from €90 or a minimum monthly payment of €12. In addition, you do not start paying until at least ten days after formalizing the purchase. Do you want to know how to have 0 interest financing?


Suppose there is an investment piece in which it is worth investing. In that case, that is the mattress, since it has a useful life of about 10-15 years and influences your health and happiness and the way you face the world. So, think about your attitude after spending lousy night. We have compiled in these ten decoration ideas everything you should take into account when choosing your ideal mattress. To shed light on a universe where foams and springs move at various models and prices.

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