Tips for a happy life – Everyone needs to be happy. Happiness happens or doesn’t, over which we have no control. It is easy to link the idea of happiness with the condition in which we find ourselves. We might tell ourselves, If things were different, I’d be joyful.

But that is not the way happiness occurs. Research studies indicate that only a small part of happiness (approximately 10%) depends on the situation in which a person is.

Are you Born Happy?

Are you Born Happy?

In part, happiness depends on personality. Some people are naturally happy. For example, we have all met cheerful and optimistic people most of the Time. Having this type of character makes it easier to be satisfied.

So what happens to people who, on the other hand, are born with a tendency to be somewhat moody? These people may see the bad in people and situations instead of the good. Possibly these people are more sad than happy, but if they want to be more comfortable, they can be

Why is Happiness so Important?

Happiness is more than a beautiful sense or a illustration of a smiling face. It is the feeling that shows that you appreciate life and want to make the most of this life. Happiness is the “secret seasoning” that can help us develop fully.

The Researchers Came to the Following Conclusion by Studying Happy People life:

  • Happy people are more successful.
  • people are more capable of achieving their goals.
  • Happy people have better health.
  • people live longer.
  • Happy people get along better with others.
  • people learn better.

Keys and Tips for a Happy Life

1. Accept that you May Feel Bad : Happy Life

Paradoxically, we propose something that can be contrary to happiness because we begin by emphasizing that if we want to be happy, we cannot deny that we will often feel sad, frustrated, angry, guilty, etc. Like all of It, these emotions are essential and fulfill essential functions, even if they make us feel displeasure. So actually, it is wrong to call these negative emotions and those that produce pleasure positive feelings. Instead, I would redefine them as the group of emotions that make pleasure and the group that has displeasure.

I will mention the movie inside out to emphasize the importance of feeling through negative emotions. This movie describes how emotions driveways of thinking and acting. If you have seen this Pixar movie, you will remember the joy that governed and directed the girl’s mind. They tirelessly sought to avoid sorrow. Still, in the end, some of them realize that sadness is a fundamental emotion.

For this reason, I would indicate that both the emotions that produce displeasure and those that make pleasure are necessary to live, and the important Thing is that they appear in the right situations and the correct dose. Feel fear before, for example, an exam is essential since it helps us prepare, but it is no longer helpful if the fear is very high and paralyzes us. We also emphasize that positive emotions can be harmful if they occur in inappropriate situations. For example, we can see a person with gambling addiction problems who often feel well-being, pleasure, and joy at the moment of playing. Those emotions, which in this case are dysfunctional, lead him to play everything he has and lose. That person who laughs at that moment is happy.

2. Value Ourselves :Happy Life

Value ourselves in all aspects of our life, accepting that we can be well and feel happy even if everything does not go well. It is impossible to wait to feel satisfied that everything is perfect in all spheres -family, social relationships, personal life, and work. We will never feel happy if we wait for this because something will always be missing or fail. Now is the Time to add the third tip or key to being happy

3. Accept that we Can Fail

As we indicated, perfection is impossible. Wanting to achieve it will make us unhappy because things can go wrong. The problem in life is not that we fall but that we don’t get up and punish ourselves for having failed. Successful people have gotten up from previous failures and pushed until they got what they wanted. For this reason, we accept that things can go wrong and that the important Thing is that we try to straighten out or change what is going wrong.

Here are the tips or keys to being happy or happier paradoxically accepting negative emotions, acknowledging that not everything is going to go well, and assuming that we can make mistakes. Of course, with this, you can think that this seems like advice to get bitter. But no, quite the contrary, we guarantee that if we put all the effort into denying this reality, it will be challenging to feel good, seek to be perfect, that everything is excellent, and be happy all the Time. It will produce the opposite.

4. Be Grateful for What you Have : Happy Life

It is another piece of advice or key to being happy- this is very important. Even if you want more, be grateful for what you have achieved, and be satisfied with the steps you take because otherwise, we can fall into the misfortune of believing that happiness will be in achieving what we lack. We cannot enjoy what we have until we reach what we want. For example, you can wish for a bigger house, a better car, another trip, etc., that’s fine, but enjoy the vehicle you have and your home while you get it. Also, enjoy achieving what you want

5. Live in the Present : Happy Life

Think about the future, evaluate the Past, and be aware of feeling the moment you are in with your feet. To be able to do this, also

6. Simplify and Focus on One Thing at a Time : Happy Life

As the saying goes, the one that covers a lot squeezes little. Trying to do everything at once can only lead us to do them poorly or halfway.

7. Spend Time with your Loved Ones : Happy Life

Several studies indicate that relationships with others are essential to living a fuller life. Therefore, spend time with them, enjoy the moment you spend with them, and see how they will positively affect your mood. About the above, another piece of advice or key to being happy is

8.Postive People

Mount yourself with optimistic people or, on the contrary, stay away from toxic people. The mood of the people about us often taints us. Being with positive and happy people will have a well-being effect on us.

9. Have an Attitude of Permanent Learning : Happy Life

Be aware that there is always something to learn. Feeding our brain generates pleasure and well-being. It is brief but critical advice to be happy.

10. Take Time to do Those Things that you Like : Happy Life

Listen to music that you love –this is also important since several studies indicate that listening to music provides multiple psychological benefits, such as managing and modifying emotional states-. Dedicate Time to doing sports that give you pleasure –it is also essential to indicate that exercising produces endorphins and that sport also regulates emotions- go for a walk if you love it, etc. In short, this advice or the key to being happy is: to take Time.

11. Do not Fear so Much About What Others Think of you

It does not mean that you ignore others, but that you are not trying to do or not do things because of what others think. It is more important what you feel about yourself and if you are leading a life where you can feel proud and satisfied. Take advice from others but take it as advice. You decide what you do.

12. If the Past Weighs you Down, Work it out and Reconcile With it : Happy Life

It’s another tip or key to being happy. We often carry things from the Past, like a backpack that weighs a lot. Therefore, work on it. If you can’t do it alone, go to therapy to help you work through the traumas and discomforts that don’t let you enjoy the present and build the future. Having a past overcome lightens our path and makes us feel better.


Happiness is a state that occurs when pleasant emotions overwhelm us, but happiness cannot be measured only by an instant or a fact. But it is more appropriate to determine it by how we are in all our different areas of our lives and thus make a balance that we are well. Happiness is not something that we can always feel. That is impossible, but we can predispose ourselves more frequently or not to well-being and happiness.

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