Bathroom Remodel – We wash and relax there, so it must be a pleasant space, which we enter with pleasure. It must also be practical so that it fulfills its multiple functions. In addition to all this, it must also be an aesthetic and easy-to-clean space to keep it hygienic. First of all, if it is a space where you have too many things, the first step in its modernization is to eliminate Everything unnecessary.

Once this is done, the next thing is to add some different elements, some detail that transforms it and makes this space a place with style. For this reason, in this book of ideas, we bring you pictures that are easy to carry out and, above all, economical because remodeling your bathroom does not have to be too expensive.

Bathroom Remodel – Plan First

Before starting with the ideas to fix a bathroom, the first step you must take is to plan what you need and, above all, what is the result you want to obtain.

These are Three Things you should keep in mind: Bathroom Remodel

Measurements: It is essential to take measures of the spaces where you want to install a product (cabinet, toilets, sink/pedestal, etc.) and the areas that may represent an obstacle to moving them.
Style: Get inspired and find photographs and bathroom designs that you like. It will help you decide on colors, fashion, furniture finishes, paint, accessories, curtains, etc.

Functionality: Create an accessible bathroom for all family members considering the needs; You also have to think about the functionality of the product and its usability so that it works in the desired way.

Remodel Ideas – Bathroom

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

1. Add Plants

If you have windows in the bathroom, a source of natural light, adds some ornamental plants or flowers to make your bathroom look new. If you don’t have windows, you can still do it, but in that case, you need to make sure you put the correct bulbs so that their light is a good source of the energy that the plants need.

2. Introduce Mosaics

Mosaic tiles are a unique source of color in a space like a bathroom. You can introduce them to almost any surface in your bathroom. The ideal is to play with the mosaics and create your work of art. As in the image, it was enough to surround the mirror with colored mosaics to make the bathroom look beautiful.

3. Decorate with New Elements

As in this case, you can cover a wall with wood to give your warm bathroom air. Dark wood will provide a warmer air to the space, and combined with ambient lighting and some matching element (like the sink here), your bathroom will look new.

4. Add New Furniture and Combine them

If you have old moves in your attic or basement. It can be the ideal occasion to take them out, refresh them and give them new life. You will see that combined with your bathroom furniture, they will look great, and in addition to being functional, they will provide a somewhat vintage look to the design of your bathroom.

5. Make Small Works of Art on the Walls

If you have plastic skills, express them on your bathroom walls to create a unique and personalized decoration. In the image, you see a clear example, how would it look if you made the strokes with black color on a white background?

6. Upholstery with Colored Paper and Add Murals

Upholster your bathroom with the designs you like the most, dolphins, starfish, birds, and flowers. The plan you want the most and best suits your mood will be perfect.

7. Hang your Mirror Collection

Don’t know what to do with that empty wall? Paint it a striking color and cover it with mirrors of all sizes and shapes. You can even play with the mirror frames to add more color and diversity. So simple but so effective.

8. Constantly Change the Most Notable Elements of the Decoration

Attractive in this Life- the design uses a shower model that can be installed directly on the pipe that runs under the tiles. It is therefore easy to change the shower model in the bathroom. Today there are the most diverse, and bath taps and showers are considered decorative elements of a design. Therefore, especially in this type of design in which these elements stand out, just by changing them, we can give the bathroom another air or character

9. Take Advantage of Every Last Corner

Especially if your bathroom is small, but in general, as a rule, to follow regardless of the space you have, use every last corner you have. If you have a closed corridor at the end, you can include a shelf to put the towels on or use that space to install the radiator. In short, do not leave any corners unused.

10. Add the little Personalized Detail that Changes Everything

And to finish, we advise you not to hesitate to hang that painting that you like so much or that family photograph that is so important to you. If you prefer, turn the landscape that inspires you the most or, as in the image, introduce colored glass that brightens up your bathroom. The important thing is that your space reflects your personality and therefore be to your total liking.

Mirror with Light and Speakers

How do you read it! This bathroom mirror has LED light, is anti-fog, and incorporates speakers to play music every morning while you get ready.

Boxes and Baskets to Put Order

“Use them both on shelves and inside the bathroom cabinet. They help to separate categories and order things”, advises the expert.

Paint the Bathroom in 10 Easy Steps: Bathroom Remodel

Paint the Bathroom in 10 Easy Steps

A coat of paint is the most excellent way to give your bathroom a new look. But, if you want a perfect finish, follow our detailed guide to making and painting the bathroom.

1. Remove Mould – Bathroom Remodel

Use a putty knife to remove the old sealant with traces of mold and moisture, and then apply Sanisil, a bond with fungicidal agents, to prevent its appearance again. Again, we recommend that you do it the day before painting so that it has enough time to dry well.

2. Clear the Room – Bathroom Remodel

You will want to eliminate all items from the bathroom, counting any fixtures such as towel racks or toilet paper holders. Save all the screws in a sealed bag so you don’t misplace them.

3. Prepare the Surfaces – Bathroom Remodel

Remove loose paint with a spatula and fill cracks/fissures with Sikaflex 1a elastic sealant or Sika Resana Ya ! putty. When the surface is dry, sand it smooth. Also, lightly rub any previously painted trim, so the paint adheres well—vacuum up the dust.

4. Clean Surfaces – Bathroom Remodel

Use caustic soda or a cleaning solution to remove grease, then add a solution with cold water. It also eliminates the dust left by sanding and safeguards the paint from adhering well to the exteriors.

5. Protect the Soil – Bathroom Remodel

Protection bathroom fittings and the floor with plastic, and cover the showerhead and faucets with plastic bags and duct tape. If you’re not successful in painting the tiles, you’ll want to wrap masking tape around the advantage of the tiles so you don’t paint them. But if you have a strategy for painting the tiles, we will give you orders on how to paint bathroom tiles.

6. Prepare the Paint and Tools

We recommend using vinyl-acrylic paint from the Aquarium line, choosing from 2,500 polychrome colors. If you need help with what colors to apply in the bathroom, we leave you this post to make the decision easier. In addition, you’ll need a white nap roller to paint the walls and ceiling and a small brush for touch-ups and edges.

7. Paint the Ceiling – Bathroom Remodel

When you’re ready to paint, start at the top. This way, paint splatters will fall on unpainted surfaces and be easier to clean or paint over.

8. Paint the Walls and the Tiles

Next, it’s time to paint the walls. A good trick is to overlap the paint a few inches over the trim to create a clean line for the next step.

If you are going to paint the tiles, we recommend using special paint for bathroom tiles, such as Enamel Aquarium 300. We will give you tips for painting them in the next post.

9. Paint the Trim – Bathroom Remodel

The trick is to start in the central room and work out to decrease the danger of rubbing freshly painted exteriors. With this in mind, the best instructions for painting the fit are the window frame, the window sill, the baseboards, and, lastly, the door frame.

10. Put Everything Back

Once you’ve given enough time for the paint to dry (we recommend following the drying time instructions on the paint can), you can put Everything back in place. Put the fixed elements back, and you’re done—a new and colorful bathroom.


Suppose remodeling your bathroom has been going around in your head. In that case, you must carry out a previous investigation, both for minor changes to change the latest ceramic, that will lead you to a successful and uncomplicated renovation.

In our experience, we assure you that bathroom renovations leave up to a 60% return on investment if you plan to sell your home. So not only will you feel more comfortable in a new environment, but when you decide to change houses, the money you invested in the changes can be recovered.

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