Fashion Designing – Introduction

Fashion Designing  – The intended use of the garment or accessory is also taken into account. This career is a great option for innovative and creative minds. Who want to express their ideas by exploring and innovating in the use of fabrics and different materials. However, fashion design is not limited to the creation of accessories and clothing. But is part of an entire industry that has an impact on society.

Studying fashion design gives you the tools to analyze the global market and design. The best product is based on the demand for needs and preferences. In addition, you will have the opportunity to create clothes that people use to express their identity and mark milestones. In the culture through clothing.
It is a multifaceted job that offers a wide field of activity.

Study Fashion Design Online

Study Fashion Design Online

You will get to know the construction and style adjustment of trousers and skirts from a creative and design point of view and complete the course with your own finished made-to-measure pattern.

These courses are part of a professional certificate design to teach students. How garments should conform to the shape of our individual bodies, male and female. Giving them the skills to find the perfect fitting and style for each individual, male and female woman to create. or child. Whether your body pear shape, plus size, apple shape, or has a define waist. This class will teach you how to create clothes that fit your gorgeous curves and body shape. Once you understand how to create pattern blocks from measurements. You can repeat the process for each person, male, female, or child, creating the perfect fit for their individual size.

Discover the Potential that Fashion Designing has for You

A fashion design professional can work in a variety of positions in the fashion industry. The best schools have a curriculum that offers a comprehensive education in a variety of subjects, such as: B. Public Relations, Graphic Design (which not only helps in product and brand promotion, but also in professions such as technical and/or fashion design). or digital (for haute couture and/or ready-to-wear brands), event production and much more. Studying fashion design requires knowledge of the human figure and even an understanding of art and society. The world of fashion is a extensive field and edX courses have a few courses that are perfect for introducing you to cutting techniques.

With edX it is now possible to become a fashion designer with clothing techniques and knowledge of fashion trends. If you want to take this creative path, you might also be able to take a course in graphic design or digital fashion design. On the other hand, the textile industry is also very popular, and a fashion designer or graphic designer can work independently and create their own patterns. Take the opportunity to stand out on the catwalks with the help of an online course.

Where does a Fashion Designer Work?

Fortunately, a Fashion Designer can Devote himself to a Wide Variety of Areas, Among Which the Following Stand Out:

  • In a fashion company or with an independent designer within its work team in charge of studying the feasibility of one of its collections.
  • Within a physical or electronic publication (magazine or web portal) specializing in the subject of fashion as an editor or collaborator.
  • In a private company in the field of developing and preparing uniforms for its employees based on their visual identity.
  • Alongside a photographer in the image consulting part of their models (fashion coordination)
  • For a company specializing in the making of fashion shows or events.
    other fields

In Addition to these Areas, there are Others that are not as Explored by Designers, Such as:

  • Whether in a department store or a luxury store or as an independent personal shopper.
  • Within the automotive industry in the part of any textile that a means of transport can transport.
  • As a Visual Merchandising manager or exhibitor of a department store or boutique.
  • Fashion advisor to a public figure (politician, singer or company spokesperson)
  • Freelance designer at the head of your own boutique designing lines of clothing, shoes or jewelry.

How much Does a Fashion Designer Earn?

How much Does a Fashion Designer Earn?

Unfortunately, in our country, fashion design is not an activity that seems as professional and important. As in other portions of the world, so a fashion designer is valued at a salary of around 8,777 pesos. As you gain experience and already have it, you can reach up to 14,000 pesos per month. This is a figure that in some other races reach from the start.

The Best Thing about Studying Fashion Designing

  • It’s a profession that allows you to be in constant motion and you will always develop new creations because you exploit your creative side at 100%!
  • To be up to date on the subject you will have to travel a lot, read magazines and watch TV shows that talk about this subject, it’s incredible!
  • Due to the nature of the career, you will always have to attend very important events, surrounded by models and public figures, it’s very glamorous!
  • One of the industries that is rising the most in the country and in which many fashion designers have found an area of opportunity is the design of jewelry, Mexico has good conditions to produce.

What’s not cool about Studying Fashion Designing

  • As you have seen earlier, there are not so many schools in our country that prepare a fashion design professional, so many prefer to study abroad.
  • Often the opportunities for fashion designers are not found in the domestic market, so they have to travel to other shares of the world to be assess.
  • If you decide to stay in Mexico to practice this profession, unfortunately the salaries are not as high as in the case of other professions.
  • It is not so easy to enter the job market because the jobs they can develop are usually very specific.
  • Compared to other careers, it is a bit expensive to study due to the raw material that must be acquire. To this it must be added that there are few offers from public universities, for which a strong investment in enrollment and registration must be made in private schools.


Fashion companies and their communication agencies need versatile professionals with guaranteed and demonstrable knowledge. If you want to get started in this sector and have a different professional future. At Design we offer you complete theoretical and practical knowledge. Providing you with the necessary tools and an updated and real vision of the fashion world.

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