Glamorous– Definition

Glamor comes from the Scottish-English language and means magic spell, the ability to make things attractive a touch of mystery, drama, and luxury. A glamorous woman is all that, and meeting her will not leave you indifferent.

Glamor is synonymous with charm, and attractiveness. Therefore, it is all attractiveness or charm that a person or thing has that makes them stand out in their environment. The word glamor comes from grammar, a term used to identify wise men who practiced occultism and black magic.

How is a Woman with Glamorous Style?

  • Strong
  • very sophisticated
  • baroque tints

How to Dress to get a Glamorous-Style Look?


  • Balance mixing garments and prints
  • Go comfortable
  • Combine colors that give you personality  dresses to pay herself a tribute.


  • Being afraid to try and wear new clothes and accessories
  • Basic or straightforward looks. A glam woman, she dresses to pay herself a tribute.
  • Basic or straightforward looks. A glam woman, she dresses to pay herself a tribute.

Are you Beautiful or Glamorous?

There is a significant difference between being beautiful and glamorous. However, terms always help women feel more sure of themselves and project it outwards.

We will start with beauty: what is it to be beautiful, and what is it not? It is something that you cannot explain well because it is a relative term for two reasons.

  • The first is that the canons of beauty change with fashion, with the times. Years ago, the models had curves and big breasts; later came a style in which thin women, even a little androgynous, were considered beautiful.
  • The second reason beauty is relative is that each one finds something beautiful; perhaps what I consider beautiful is not for you and vice versa.

On the other hand, glamor is something very different. The first significant difference is that it is NOT something relative. It is something that is possessed or not. Just as beauty links to the physical, glamor is not. Glamor is an attitude. It can be a beautiful person or not.

Today, thanks to clothing, accessories, and makeup, as image consultants, we can make people beautiful by enhancing the best of themselves. So that a person feels good and that everyone can see the best of her is the key to combining beauty with a glamorous attitude.

How to Be Glamorous?

How to Be Glamorous?

1 Speaking Sensibly

Do not complicate yourself. You don’t need to babble on a list of facts or quote the entire Sunday paper to impress people with how polished you are. When it comes to being superior, less is more. It would be best to say what is on your mind succinctly and clearly that leaves very little doubt. Don’t confuse your peers or strangers with facts or make an effort to show off; instead, give your opinions briefly and confidently. It will show that you are a refined person who does not need to ramble to make something clear.

You don’t need to speak in long, extravagant sentences to impress people. Short sentences with clear words are the best option. It is also not necessary to use fancy words to make something clear. It is better if all people can understand you.

2 Go Slow

Polished people are never in a rush because they are sophisticated enough to give themselves time to do whatever they want. So they don’t rush to dinner, they don’t talk too fast, and don’t rummage through their purses at full speed to find something because they know everything is in its place. So if you want to be superior, you should strive to act and speak confidently and precisely instead of acting and talking very fast.

Instead of speaking fast and saying “um…” and “I mean…” every couple of seconds to fill in the pauses, practice slowing down and thinking before you say something to avoid using these filler words.

3 Avoid Cursing

While refined people have a temper at times, they tend to keep their cool in public. Therefore, they avoid cursing when they get angry or saying something mean in the heat of the moment. They usually avoid being vulgar when talking about sex, going to the bathroom, or other topics that are likely off-putting to some people.

It does not mean that refined people are boring. They are simply elegant. Cursing is a sign of rudeness and should avoid at all costs by progressive people. However, if you lose your cool and swear, apologize.

4 Apologize if you Burp or Pass Gas

Nobody can refine all the time; sometimes, our bodies betray us and make sounds that make others laugh. It’s okay if you burp after a meal or pass gas, but the best thing to do (if you want to refine) is to apologize instead of pretending nothing happened politely. Swallow your pride and do it, and you will see that you will be able to project elegance in no time. Just a simple “excuse me” before continuing is perfectly fine.

5 Avoid Slang

While you don’t have to speak, you should avoid excessive slang in your conversations if you want to sound polished. Avoid colloquial expressions like “Maybe,” “It’s a piece of cake” or “Put on your batteries” if you want to sound like a refined person who is cultured and has good manners. Be aware of any regional phrases you use or terms from popular culture, and try to manipulate others. Refined people speak in a timeless way, not based on famous words like “Selfie.”

Of course, if everyone uses a lot of slang, you don’t want to stand out too much by using appropriate language, but you should avoid slang as much as you can to sound polished.

6 Avoid Vulgar Topics of Conversation

If you want to be superior, you should avoid talking about anything that could consider offensive, especially if you are in the company of ladies. Remember that some topics that you could talk about very well with your best friend may not be to other people’s liking. Avoid talking near sex, body parts, using the restroom, or everything that might consider offensive or governmentally out of line.

It’s better to shoulder that people around you can be simply affronted than to make a joke that you say is cleared but hurts someone’s feelings. To be refined, you can discuss topics of interest while ensuring you don’t shock anyone. If someone brings up a vulgar subject you don’t feel comfortable with; you can also try to steer the talk in a course that makes you feel more comfortable.


The glamorous person is beautiful and projects beauty, attraction, and stylishness by dressing and wearing each piece of clothing with great styling, delicacy, and modification. Likewise, it combines with proper behavior based on principles and values.

The word glamor in the drama or cinema indicates the different shows with talents of great skills and beauties, such as lounge, and refers to the glamor and elegance of celebrities.

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