Beauty By Britanie is a lifestyle blog with a thorough and holistic view of beauty, fashion, and health. My name is Britanie Faith. I shaped the Beauty by Britanie blog in 2012 with a solid wish to share my passion for beauty, fashion, and wellness. I became very conscious of the products I was using during this time and loved finding a healthier and more mindful way of living where possible.

Since a very early age, I take suffered from chronic health conditions such as endometriosis, fibromyalgia, panic disorder, GERD, hypothyroidism, and other complex problems that come with these chronic diseases. Due to my MTHFR mutation and indigestion, I cannot detox properly. I want to limit my inflammation levels to treat my condition so I live a cleaner life and eliminate as many unwanted toxins as possible.

I have become passionate about limiting my exposure. So, I think you must be very careful about what you ingest and what you put on your skin. But over the years, As I evolved and learned more, I realized that balance is everything. So, I talk about products I like, but I don’t label myself because I feel like they don’t fit into any box. I believe fear can help me live healthier. I don’t think

But, I have always been passionate around sharing what I love and documenting life’s moments. I believe in living in the moment and working on it every day.

In my teens and early twenties, I struggled with many of the chronic health conditions mentioned above, but I also went through a period when I had no control over my body and struggled with eating disorders and ugliness. I have overcome both of these obstacles (and still deal with triggers like everyone else). I have been deeply involved in the importance of self-love and body positivity.I often share pictures of myself showing off my body. It has helped me feel more in touch with my femininity and strength.I also regularly touch on the topic of natural beauty and embracing bodies of all shapes and sizes and am a contributor to Healthy Is The New Skinny. , served as an ambassador for the Summer Self-Love Celebration.

Beauty by Britanie: Getting Gorgeous, Naturally

Want to learn all around natural beauty and organic beauty products? Beauty by Britanie is the site to track!

Britanie Faith of Beauty by Britanie wants to detox your beauty routine. A former makeup artist and photographer, she struggled with autoimmune diseases and chronic health conditions from a young age. Avoiding harmful chemicals in cosmetic ingredients has helped her reduce inflammation and overall mood. I have learned that it can make a difference.

He was passionate about sharing that knowledge and started a blog to spread the word. Beauty By Britanie became so popular that the founder began collecting official titles. She completed Health Guru Natalia Rose’s Intensive Teacher Training program in New York City and became a Certified Detox Her Practitioner. I was.

Today, the dog-loving Beauty has a profound passion for living a cleaner, more conscious lifestyle, advocating for clean Beauty and organic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free living.

Here we talk to her about how to be naturally beautiful.

Why fixed you start Beauty by Britanie, and how did you start to grow into non-toxic Beauty?

They say ‘ignorance is bliss,’ and I powerfully disagree! So, I last read as many books as possible about eco-friendly lifestyles. It energies out that the ingredients in personal care crops are not well-regulated in the United States.

I was dismayed when I continued using the Skin-Deep Data site to investigate the ingredients in approximately one of my favorite products. However, I immediately started researching as much as possible and swapping out the products I used for healthier alternatives.

Green Beauty has exploded in the market for five years since I launched the site. As a result, every product you need to buy has more innovative options. I also support this clean beauty revolution by promoting and buying as much as possible from small businesses that genuinely strive to provide quality skincare and makeup.

We are so happy that Target has jumped on the bandwagon and been a part of the change.

What would you say your chief Focus is on: Organic, Normal, or Vegan Beauty?

My main Focus is balance. For example, when I started cleaning my routine, words like ‘non-toxic’ and ‘organic’ became incredibly stressful, and I felt like I was achieving impossible perfection. So I decided to change how I write things and see everything, and now I’m finding the right balance between all those options.

There are exceptions when I use conventional cosmetics. I don’t believe in vigilance. This is more stressful than using Lanka’s Ypnose his mascara from time to time. I think my goal is a 90/10 ratio of clean to conventional beauty products. You may get the look you want.

I like to keep things real and believe that, as with other categories such as diet, skincare, and exercise, the key is to be careful and aware.

What are your top Makeup Tips?

Brown eyeliner instead of black (unless you want a very intense look). Brown eyeliner looks much nicer and less irritating, especially during the day.

Wear concealer instead of foundation if possible (on days with fairer skin or better). Many people usually put a base layer on their skin when there are problem areas to focus on. Try using a natural concealer on your face, and don’t apply anything where you don’t want it. Properly blended, a good concealer works almost as a light foundation without the extra layers of the product, or heavy foundation look!

And Skin Care Tips?

Less is better. Listen to your intuition. Getting information from others is priceless, but at the end of the day, no one has the same skin or build as you. Many people use oils in place of lotions but stay absent of fats. Find what works best for you.

Also, don’t try more than one new skincare product at once. Instead, make sure each product performs for at least two weeks to a month for him before trying another new one. Then, if you have a problem, you can more easily identify the problem without throwing away every product you decide to try—wasted time.

Which Element of Hitting on Makeup do you find the Most Frustrating?

Oh, this is easy. Eyeliner. I use eyeliner a lot and love a good wing, so it’s interesting to have someone show me how to do “my perfect eyeliner”! But they don’t know how difficult it is for me to do so. I don’t know if you can do liquid eyeliner without taking a deep breath.

Which Products can you not Live Without?

Because I have a deep love for so many natural and organic skin care products in so many different categories, so I will name the ones that come to mind right now!

Osmia Organics Purely Humble Lotion, Maya Chia The Wonderful Couple, Lotus Wei Flower Mists and Elixir, Sleeping Monk Elixir, Alexis Smart Flower Remedies, Hope Tillerman Blends, Especially Tension and Stress Remedies, Sederma Clarifying Cream, RL Linden & Co Thousand Petal Beautifying Mist, Laurel Whole Plant Organic Cleanser, Modern Minerals B of Love Lip Gloss, Jane Airedale BB Cream, CV Skin Lab Restorative Balm.

Tell us a bit about your Favourite Makeup Brands Featured on Beauty by Britanie

I have tried many different brands of beautiful makeup. Still, there is always a handful of brands that appeal to me the most and that I always look for: Vapor Organic Beauty, Jane Airedale, Alima Pure, Modern Minerals, and Red Apple. In addition, favorites are Lipstick, Kjaer Weis, Ilia Beauty, Au Naturale, Fitglow Beauty, and RMS Beauty.

What’s your Daily Skincare Routine Like?

I don’t wash my appearance in the morning. It doesn’t work for me. In its home, spray a considerable amount of rosewater on your face, pour a small quantity of witch hazel onto a cotton pad, and slightly smear your face. It doesn’t spotless all flawlessly.

Then use the serum of your choice. I put it on and then put the face cream on. During the day, I like to boost my protection with oil serums and face creams. I also apply an eye balm or ointment and follow up with SPF some days.

Do you think women love Cosmetics to Attract men or for Extra Reasons?

I think women like makeup because it makes them feel good. When she looks good, she feels like she can conquer anything. Self-esteem is essential here. Because if you’re the woman who feels better in your bare face, that’s what substances to you.

After preliminary Beauty by Britanie, do you feel the normal beauty public differs from the mainstream Beauty blogging public? And if so, how?

I love the natural beauty public and have loved it for years. My extended family and the friends I have met, and the brand owners I have worked with. But, I believe that the primary focus of the natural beauty community goes far beyond the external benefits of what a particular product can do for you—sourced in any way possible. It’s about fair dealing and ethical living of the people we source from. And it’s about being more conscious of our whole life. Not just products.

I would say that those in the natural beauty community are fearless rebels. You don’t accept something just because you say so. We’ve done our research, and I don’t think we’re afraid to stand up to mainstream companies (and brands that “look pretty” are greenwashing). But instead, we condemn them when they make ridiculous claims or pretend to defend the Beauty of nature.

In the same way, I think some of us would even call out more natural beauty brands making unsubstantiated claims. Being part of this community is much more complicated than conventional Beauty. Is.

It seems to me that the mainstream blogging community is more focused on physical Beauty and how a product can change your life. I’m interested in the big picture of people trying to improve.

Who is the Highest Beautiful Woman in the World?

To me, the most beautiful women in the world are those who have gone through hardships, who are as exposed about their fights as they are about their joys, and who inspire other women. This woman radiates confidence, compassion, elegance, and intelligence. For me, Beauty is about a person’s makings and the energy that shines and is contagious to everybody he comes into interaction with.

What tips would you give Burgeoning Beauty Bloggers Wanting to Start a site like Beauty by Britanie?

I encourage beginning beauty bloggers to show who they are and not be afraid to be imperfect, have found that I have a more loyal following of readers when I open my mind to include more emotional feelings.

I think people will admire you more if you are truthful about being susceptible and not knowing everything, someone who wants to improve in all areas of my life. We want to make better, healthier choices regarding beauty, skincare, and wellness choices.

People appreciate you when you are real. I find it frustrating to try to achieve unrealistic goals set and perpetuated by the media. With the Photoshop app, everyone can be their best online. My content strives to be the best version of yourself.

Any Last Words?

I want everybody to know how happy I am to create Beauty by Britanie. I started my site five years ago because I wanted to share my knowledge about natural Beauty, health, and everything in between! Thank you for your email telling me that you changed someone’s life by opening up to a topic that is personal to you.

Nothing hurts more than feeling like you’re the only one going through a tough time. I’m not just writing about good times. When women universally realize how much we all have in common. It helps make uncomfortable feelings and problems seem less stressful.