under the Oak Tree — read online. Under the Oak Tree is a Korean webtoon written by Kim Suji, illustrated by P, and adapted by Namo. Enjoy reading Under the Oak Tree for Free. I highly recommend this manhwa to anyone looking for a good read. Under the Oak Tree is a Korean webtoon written by Kim Suji, illustrated by P, and adapted by Nanmu.

Under the Oak tree has a female lead who suffered years of abuse from her Father because of her stutter, and the male information is super robust, rough-spoken, and overprotective. But I love how the fl is gradually finding confidence and asserting herself, and the ml isn’t just an overbearing asshole but has a great fear of losing her because of his past trauma, so he tries to hold her back out of fear. It’s great! Great story, good world-building, and interesting side characters. But since it’s a Korean novel, I doubt I’ll get to read anymore for a while, so I’m trying to find things to scratch the itch.

I’m open to any setting, though I prefer medieval fantasy. But again, available to any. My primary want is to find a series/novel that has-a heroine who doesn’t start strong or who is more on the feminine side, who lacks confidence or comes off as fragile to those around her, and a powerful or considerable/male solid love interest, doesn’t even have to be attractive, but someone who is the opposite of the fl.

It’s a flawless love story of the flawed.

The Premise:

Under the Oak Tree is the story of Rift a Calypte, a former mercenary turned captain of the Rembrandt Knights, and Maximillian Croix, the abused first daughter of the ruthless Duke of Croix. The pair get married by circumstance, but the knight immediately ends up leaving her the day after their wedding night. Three years later, he returns an esteemed commander known throughout the kingdom for slaying the Red Dragon and has come to bring her home. Overcoming the struggles of their lives and the difficulties, they end up falling in love as they slowly discover the truth about each other.

Under the Oak Tree Read Online

Maximilian, the first daughter of the Croix family. Grew up being abused by her Father because of her stutters. Because of such physical and mental abuse, she develops a massive inferiority complex for her stutter and physical appearance with a general lack of self-respect.

When Maximillian’s Father, Duke Croix, received a royal order from the King to fight the Red Dragon Sector, he decided to marry his daughter to Rift a Calypte, a peasant knight, to push off his responsibilities. Maximillian was sold off and forced to marry Rift. Rift and Maxi had their first night after the marriage, but Rift left without a word the following day. After three years, they reunite when Rift goes to the extremes to push back the royal order to come to the city for a victory ceremony to pick up his wife, Maximillian.

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The Main Characters:

Maximilian Calypte is a pleasant surprise as a character. As mentioned in the premise, Maxi stutters. And if we base it on her dialogue, it’s a moderate to severe stutter. This impediment results in her being ostracized by her only living parent. She is physically and mentally abused by her own Father. The one who is supposed to be her shield against the world’s discrimination.

Her emotional scars were too deep and ingrained in her character after the Duke systematically stripped her of dignity and confidence that she would ever find somebody who would love and cherish her. Moreover, the fact that she stuttered and lacked the social skills to articulate her feelings made it more difficult for the kind-hearted woman to say what was on her mind.

On the flip side, we have Rift, a Calypte, who sees Maxi as much more than his wife of convenience. They’re opposite sides of the same coin and are both inexperienced in relationships. They both are insecure about other person’s feelings, but both retain the same values in life. The problem was that even though Rift was a handsome and powerful knight, he was pretty much an oaf regarding women.

Romance in the story:

Both the characters have flaws, but they are too afraid to communicate one of the main issues; even a blind person can see they’re the perfect match.

Sure, sometimes it gets frustrating, but simultaneously, it keeps readers hooked to the series. The rising tension and awkward moments between them are what make the fan cheer and root for them and captivate the audience into dwelling deep into their journey, even crushing the frustration of cliffhangers we usually get in these manhwas and Manga.

Because of their blamelessness, their love seems so pure that it makes readers cry. This sequence has a lot of sizzling scenes between Rift and Maxi that will make readers blush and swoon at the same time. The dialogue infrequently borders on cheesy but still works because of the fonts. Just because it’s sweet doesn’t mean it’s not hot.

Rift and Maxi look perfectly composed, and how Rift is so apologetic of Maxi and needs to give her the world is just too beautiful. Maxi is slowly trying to fit into her role as the Lady of Anatol, but her fears often make her hesitant about her location in Rattan’s life.

The Background World:

It’s exciting how many details about the world the readers are already given. The currency, economics, and even the setting of the world aren’t that new– a fantastical world inspired by the European medieval age and feudalism.

The Phenomenal Art:

One of the fantastic things about manhwa and Manga compared to their Western contemporary is that when it comes to the art, more often than not, what you see is what you get. Sometimes, Western comic publishers do this when the creator of the series does not draw the cover art, and the art style is different from what’s inside. It throws everyone off every time.

The lines and forms of the characters in this series look deceptively simple, but the artist is incredibly generous with their use of textures. It has five different textures in one panel. The lighting is also spectacular, as this is set in a fantasy world with dragons and mages. I bet this selective use of lighting would make scenes with magic even more epic.

Why Should you Read Manga Online under the oak tree?

There are several reasons why you should read Manga online. And if you’re a fan of this fascinating storytelling format, then learning about it is a must. One of the main reasons you need to read Manga online is the money you can save. Although there’s nothing like holding a book in your hands. There’s also no denying that the cost of those books will add up quickly.

So why don’t you enter the digital age and read Manga online? Another big reason to read Manga online is the enormous amount of material available. When you go to a comic shop or another bookstore. Their racks are limit to their space. However, there are no such restrictions when you visit a website to read Manga. And if you want the most extensive collection/selection of Manga and want to save cash, then reading Manga online would be an easy choice.

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For Those Reading Under the Oak Tree and Need Help,

there are a lot of people who are lost with why light novels have got nuked.

Long story short. The author posted on her blog that the illegal translation teams have impacted her financially. And LNH felt it was best to stop the translation. They took everything down and wanted to support the author.

Under the oak tree is not cancel. The side stories were balance. She doesn’t want to work on them out of frustration, and that’s her choice. She may change her mind, but we shouldn’t be rude and demand something she doesn’t feel like doing. Light novel haven has built a discord for people to talk about the series and get help reading. The rest legally in a way that supports the author. Feel free to DM me, and I can invite you.

Reid’s books are easy to navigate if you know how to use them. I can help anyone who wants to finish the story. DM me, and I’ll be happy to show you. Each chapter on rid costs 10 cents in USD. It was very inexpensive. You don’t need to know Korean. Most people who read auto-translates take a bit of receiving use, but I caught up to chapter 119 of book 2 in 2 days.

So, if you need help, please get in touch with me, and I’ll help you. It’s a great story, and I’m happy that there are legal ways to access it that support Kim.


This series is a delight to read, and I would like to end this with a caveat. This is not the last time you’ll hear anything significant about this series from me or any sane enthusiast. Currently, Under the Oak Tree is a beautiful, enjoyable read with so much potential.

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