What is collagen stimulation therapy (microscopic needles)? It is a simple cosmetic procedure used to treat skin problems by producing collagen, also known as collagen-inciting therapy. For example, it may help reduce the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks.

This treatment uses Derma roller, an ahead tool with compact rows of microneedles, which aims to generate collagen and new tissues for softer, firmer and more homogeneous skin, often using fine needles on the face, and treat different scars, wrinkles, and large pores.

It remains also used in some anti-ageing procedures, such as eyelid surgery and solar spots. In addition, some studies have shown the potential benefits of microscopic needles in promoting hair growth, but further research is needed.

A healthy person with specific skin lesions that have not responded to home remedies or other types of skin procedures such as peeling may be the ideal candidate for this procedure and maybe a final step before considering cosmetic surgery to resist ageing and other concerns. You can learn more about micro-acupuncture by contacting a dermatologist to find out if this is the right choice or not?


microscopic needles are a minimally invasive procedure, do not require specific time controls, and are safe for most people generally in good health. However, the method is not secure for people who use certain medications to treat acne or pregnant women. after this procedure. There is slight redness and irritation for a few days.

Duration of Collagen Stimulation Therapy

The total time of preparation and procedures is about two hours. First, a dermatologist or plastic surgeon needs to see the design. In some places, the cosmetic expert may also be able to perform the procedure if under the supervision of a doctor, and four or more operations may remain needed to get the best results.

Effectiveness of Collagen Stimulation Therapy

This process effectively treats minor scars from acne, wounds, and ageing and will likely become brighter and firmer skin.

The perfect result is achieved only after multiple sessions, and micro-acupuncture is more effective than home pulleys.

How Much Does This Procedure Cost?

The total costs depend on the size of the area in which work is existence carried out and remain not covered by insurance.

According to domain’s estimates, precision processing costs $100 to $700 per session, and facials cost about $300 per session.

Since the small needle is a cosmetic procedure, it remains not covered by insurance. However, your doctor may help afford treatment by developing a cost-effective plan, and some offices also provide funding.

All costs must remain considered before committing to the procedure so that no sudden invoices come. When taking leave due to treatment. Methods should remain to compensate for lost working hours, but most people can directly return to work or school.

How does this technology work?

Microscopic needles stimulate your skin to make more collagen. The idea is that the tinglings resulting from this procedure cause minor injury to the skin, and the skin responds by making new collagen-rich tissues.

This new skin tissue is more consistent in terms of structure and texture. In addition, it is usual for the skin to lose collagen as you age or due to an injury. And by encouraging the skin to make new tissues, there may also be more collagen to help make the leather stiffer.

Microneedle Technique Mechanism

during the operation, your doctor makes minor scratches under the skin with a pen-like tool, and they are so small that you won’t notice them after the process. Then, your doctor will move the device evenly through your skin until the new skin is even.

Before you start, your doctor uses a local anaesthetic to reduce the likelihood of pain an hour before treatment. Then, according to Emory University. The microscopic needle process takes about 30 minutes. Eventually, your doctor can use a serum or sedative treatment, and it takes a few hours at the treatment centre.

Target Areas for Microscopic Acupuncture

This technique is often used on the face to address:

Acne Scars.

Age spots (sunspots).

Fine lines and wrinkles.

Wide pores.

Other types of scars.

Lack of skin elasticity.

Heterogeneity of Skin Colour

In addition to facial lesions, microneedles remain sometimes used to treat stretch marks in other areas of the body. For example, a reliable source has found that the microneedle effectively treated stretch marks on the thighs and abdominal area when combined with filler.

Also, scars in other body parts can remain treated with this procedure, but fine needles are used primarily on the face.

Risks or Side Effects of Collagen Stimulation Therapy

Like all cosmetic procedures, microscopic needles will not be without risk. The most common side effects are slight skin irritation immediately after the system, and redness may also occur for a few days. contact your doctor when noticing more severe side effects, such as:





You may not be an ideal candidate for microscopic needles in the following cases: