About – Global Beauty Care – We have affordable, high-quality skincare and beauty products for all ages and genders. An exciting line of top tier products! Global Beauty Care is a fast-growing skincare business with marvelous success in new years.

This New York City-based business specializes in making high-quality, award-winning, impactful crops in elegant yet eye-catching wrapping. Using advanced skill and quality ingredients, GBC makes a whole line of innovative skin care crops to assistance repair, replenish and reinforce your most noticeable organ, your skin! The product line entices customers of all ages.

GBC focuses on all face, lip, and eye masks (black scrubs, metallics, glitters, hydrogels, sheets, washables, muds), face wipes, creams, power brushes, nose strips, and more. GBC also partners with major retailers to produce private label products for all of the above items, and GBC products are sold in over 60,000 of its stores worldwide.

Skincare has gone ‘viral’ with the explosion of social media platforms. Our clients enjoy sharing skincare secrets, documenting their before and after progress, and photographing their growth. GBC is tagged in millions of masking photos each year! This trend is also growing among men, and the percentage of men who care about their skin and are in touch with their skincare needs is constantly increasing.

A winning combination for GBC: a quality product that works, great packaging that appeals to consumers, and an incredible price. Discover global beauty care, the best-kept secret in the skincare industry.

Global Beauty Care focuses on the family. From humble early stages in the basement of his mother’s house to a multi-story office, over 150,000 square feet of warehouse interplanetary, and a showroom in Manhattan, the business is still tracked by his three brothers and their father.

I’m here. The company’s central boss has more than 20 years of knowledge in the skincare arena. GBC has become a discerning but unwavering key player in the industry. GBC has grown from a humble basement operation into a company that sells well-known brands countrywide and internationally. So, GBC uses our fortes and construction as a group to help guide our corporate culture and operational decisions.

Potent Practical Ingredients

GBC always aims to incorporate the best ingredients into their products so that the elements themselves can sell products. Assemble each product and allow the key components to tell a story.

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GBC goes beyond the average company to create a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility. All his GBC products are free of parabens and SLS and are not tested on animals.

Enjoying What You Do

“Find a job that you like, and you won’t have to work a solitary day in your life.” – Mark Twain.

From business offices to extensive warehouses to New York City’s stunning stores, everyone who walks the passageways of GBC truly likes what they do. This positive work setting comes from management and improves the life of the staff. Employees are always fortified to enjoy their work. Great emphasis is placed on competence.

If a particular task can be made more efficient or automated, even if it’s a subordinate employee’s task, management invests time and resources to make that employee more efficient. As a result, employees are happy and satisfied with their work, leading to better work outcomes.

GBC is the best-kept secret in professional workplaces. Genuine care. Actual consideration. A management style recognizes that solid and happy employees are the key to a successful business.

Charitable Contributions

Supporting the entire community and giving back to the surrounding area is part of GBC’s mission. Headquarters are in Brooklyn, and all management live within a mile of the office. They are, therefore, directly responsible for helping the communities around them. In addition, GBC is uniquely positioned to provide financial support to local businesses. GBC purchases office supplies and supplies from local vendors, providing as much business as possible to small, family-owned stores.

GBC also donates profits directly to poor people and institutions to help these underprivileged families. Nobody is more satisfying than the ability to help others.

Inside the Brand: Global Beauty Care is all about Delivering Rich Radiance!

Every woman wants healthy, glowing skin, and the people at Global Beauty Care understand that. So, their business complies with a line of skin care products aimed at African American and Hispanic consumers. Whether it’s Coconut Butter, Shea Butter, or Vitamins A and E, consumers can enjoy Global Beauty’s products like the Moisturizing and Brightening Shea Butter Treatment Mask Rich Radiance. So, you can be definite you are receiving the best value. Read on to find out more about this growing Brand.

Inside the Brand_ Global Beauty Care is all about Delivering Rich Radiance!

Tell us the Global Beauty Care story. How did the Brand get its start?

GBC is only five years old, but we’ve been in the baby wipes business for about 19 years. It started with baby wipes and later evolved into makeup remover wipes. After that, I found myself in the skincare department with wipes, masks, under-eye pads, face brushes, creams, oils, and more.

Share a little about the Rich Radiance line of Products.

Our Rich Radiance line targets African American and Hispanic consumers.

What Ingredients or Properties make the Rich Radiance line Especially Effective or Unique?

The line consists of coconut and shea butter that improves skin health and appearance. Shea butter is a natural antioxidant rich in vitamins A and E. Coconut butter has a velvety texture, a pleasant scent, and emollient properties specifically designed to soften the outer layer of the skin.

Why does a woman need Rich Radiance Moisturizing & Brightening Shea Butter Treatment Mask as part of her Skin Care Routine?

Coconut and shea butter help improve skin health and appearance.

What’s in Global Beauty Care and the Rich Radiance Brand pipeline?

We hope to see you on the HAIRCARE aisle soon! But, of course, baths and bodies are on our radar too.

What is Global Beauty Care?

Global Beauty Care is a private label skincare company that provides premium, distinctive skin care products that help establish your unique Brand. Our success has been achieve by developing our skincare brand at the lowest possible price and removing the hassle of labeling.