K&G Fashion Superstore – Introducing

K&G Fashion Superstore has provided value-conscious customers easy admission to fashion at the best likely prices. With a wide assortment of designer brands reduced by up to 60% off department store prices, K&G is the foremost shopping station for brand-name apparel, footwear, and furnishings for the whole family.

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For over 25 years, K&G Fashion Supermarket (K&G) has provided value-conscious patrons easy access to fashion at the best, most thinkable prices. Offering a vast collection of designer brands discounted up to 60% off department store values, K&G is a vital shopping destination for brand-name clothing, footwear, and fittings for the entire family.

K&G’s selling strategy emphasizes wide varieties across all significant categories of together men’s and women’s vocation and casual apparel in a wide range of sizes, including “Big & Tall” and “Women’s plus sizes,” as well as custom-made clothing, dress fittings, casualwear, accessories and shoes and children’s apparel.

K&G Fashion Superstore Request Online: Jobs & Career Info

With completed 100 locations, countrywide, K & G Fashion Superstore proposals reduced pricing on brand-name styles for men, women, and kids. A minor of Men’s Wearhouse, interested candidates may apply online and be at a local store.

Facts About Working at K&G Fashion Superstore

Signing Age: 18 years old

Available Positions: Sales Associate, Cashier, Produce Handler, Keyholder, Stock Room Associate, Maintenance Technician, Designer, Assistant Store Manager, General Store Manager

Printable Application: No. Search for Job Openings or visit the official site.

K & G Fashion Superstore Job Opportunities

Offering big stores with the amenities expected at large department retailers, the chain offers a wide range of merchandise. From career wear to everything casual, the retailer provides clothing lines such as suits, types of denim, dresses, hooded sweatshirts, and a variety of shoes for all occasions. Stores also offer expert tailors inside most locations to help satisfy customer garment needs. K & G Fashion Superstore also tailors services to online shoppers with ship-to-store services.

Hiring entry-level and career-minded individuals dedicated to the fashion industry, K & G Fashion Superstore seeks interested, friendly, and team-oriented candidates with constancy. While most entry-level candidates face only minimal hiring requirements, managers may need additional experience and often further education for hire. Characteristically, entry-level associates work as sales and stock associates and help guests make selections, take payments, and issue appropriate returns. Some locations offer lower-management opportunities, such as crucial holder positions.

Positions and Salary Info for K & G Fashion Superstore

Most entry-level locations with the fashion retail corporation require applicants to stand at least 18 years of age and hold either high school certificates or the equal. Besides industry-comparable pay and employee benefits, hopefuls interested in either working up the business ladder or finding part-time service to fill various needs may find work in the following positions.

Sales Associate in K&G Fashion Superstore

Also called customer service connections, sales associates handle customer purchases, exchanges, credits, and returns in both accurate and efficient manners. Employees must take all sales by properly utilizing store procedures and correct POS systems, process payments, and make the proper change, if necessary.

Associates should present friendly demeanours and approachability and work well in team atmospheres. Sales associates generally make a minimum hourly wage, possibly up to $9.00 an hour over time.


Managers with the fashion retail chain maintain accountability for driving sales, growing productivity, and managing loss.

K & G Fashion Superstores typically operate on a key holder, assistant manager, and store boss hierarchy. Key holders represent store connections promoted from within to open and close stores and act as supervisors instead of managers. Assistant and store managers perform administrative roles, such as scheduling, hiring and firing, and implementing store promotions.

In addition, a manager may need to make bank deposits, monitor store cleanliness and care, and preserve merchandising and display performances. Supervisors at most locations must hold high school diplomas or GEDs and should also have extensive retail knowledge, as many as three years before hiring.

Key holders earn wages slightly above sales associates, while assistant managers earn around $25,000 to $30,000. A store director may earn up to $60,000 yearly, depending on store location, sales numbers, and tenure.

Tips for Applying in K&G Fashion Superstore

When applying for work with the fashion shop, interested candidates may submit hiring materials online via the corporation web portal or in person at the store location of the favourite hire. When applying in person, candidates should dress accordingly, preferably in designs and fashions representative of what the store offers, to show brand credit. In addition, fill out each request in full, using blue or black ink, and utilize only the most current data. Applicants smearing in person may face initial face-to-face interviews when asking to turn in hiring resources to a manager, so show preparation as on-the-spot meetings may lead to hiring.

Application Status

Managers generally respond to requests within a week of receipt. To hear back as soon as possible, labourers should acquiesce to hiring materials with current contact data. Visiting store sites in person may prove beneficial for candidates who do not receive immediate callbacks or contact. Following up on all applications courteously may show persistence and desire to work. Applicants should show restraint and appreciate peak hours to avoid managers performing other tasks.

Benefits of Working at K & G Fashion Superstore

As part of the Men’s Warehouse umbrella of stores, employees receive large recompense packages while working with K & G Fashion Superstore. In addition to directives structured with rates commensurate with similar jobs in the industry, sales experts enjoy flexible scheduling, while organization positions also receive bonuses linked to team performances. Furthermore, eligible employees receive health benefits, such as:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Life and long-term disability insurance

Also, associates may qualify for paid holidays, vacation, and sick leave. The fashion retail company further offers employees a variety of financial planning options, such as enrolment in 401(k) departure plans and opportunities to invest in the employee stock discount program. Connections may also qualify for tuition reimbursement and product discounts.

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Additional Information about K & G Fashion Superstore

By offering customers up to 70 per cent off name-brand merchandise, K & G Fashion Superstore strives to save clients money. The fashion retailer offers customers a K & G Rewards card to offer special savings, discounts, and coupons to save customers additional money. With no need for credit approval to enrol, consumers may use the card so long as coupons or discounts remain uncombines unless otherwise noted. Rewards associates may initiate exclusion from emails, mailings, and phone calls once enrolled.

K&G Interview Questions

These are some queries that you may be requested throughout your job meeting.

Why do you hunger to work at K&G Fashion Superstore? The interviewer is observing to see what you know about this business and what they stand for. This question may require some research before your interview. Discuss which values you feel you share with this corporation and why this makes you a decent fit.

What type of outfit would you put together for a casual business event? This is a fashion industry, so you must understand styles and fashion rules. Describe the perfect outfit to wear to this occasion, or pick items in the store to put together a business if they allow you.

Why should we choose you over the extra interviewees? The interviewer allows you to sell yourself as the best applicant for the job. Please take this chance to discuss your strengths and how you feel the company would advantage from them. Try not to sound too arrogant when doing so.

Have you ever had to make an effort as part of a side to complete a task? Teamwork is an essential piece of making the store processes run efficiently. Discuss any time you have had to work as a team to achieve a goal with any sporting teams you may have been a part of.

How do you keep up with the present trends in fashion? This business is in the fashion industry and wants employees who know style. Discuss any media you use to keep current with the changing fashion world.

Advice for the Application Process

Are you speculating how to apply for a job at K&G Fashion Superstore? You can smear for a K&G Fashion Superstore job by visiting other sites to find available K&G Fashion Superstore jobs online. You cannot apply directly online at the business site.

The company site does not have the job images and responsibilities listed online for possible job searchers to find a position that matches their skills and talents. You should fill out your application thoroughly, following all accompanying instructions. You should submit an updated resume and your application to give a clearer view of your skills and talents.

After applying to this company, you should hear back within a reasonable period. If not, you can call the site where you used to check the status of your application or see if they are still hiring for that position. They may also inform you when interviews begin if they have not already started.

You may consider preparing for your meeting beforehand. You can ask yourself potential interview questions and answer them aloud. This will help ease your worries, which will help you be more articulate and confident during your interview. It would help if you remembered to dress workwise for your interview. This will help increase your odds of getting the job.

Facts About Employed At K&G Fashion Superstore

All workers must be able to work a variety of shift patterns to ensure.

K&G Fashion Superstore FAQ

Have questions about working at K&G Fashion Superstore? Read answers to regularly asked questions to help you choose between applying for a job or compliant with a job offer. Whether it’s about compensation and benefits, culture and variety, or you’re curious to know more about the work environment, find out from workers what it’s like to work at K&G Fashion Superstore. All answers shown come directly from K&G Fashion Superstore Reviews and are not edited or altered.

Store Manager

This professional-level employee ensures a store runs as smoothly as possible. The main goal is to exploit profits while also securing customer loyalty. To that end, they often develop and devise unique promotional campaigns and activities.

When job changes become available, store managers interview candidates; they are also make hiring decisions and training new employees.

Landing the Interview for K&G Fashion Superstore

K & G Fashion Superstore applicants undergo a pleasant yet prearranged hiring procedure. The national fashion retailer boasts a family-friendly environment and often employs based on employee referrals; however, any candidate aspiring to work for the company must obtain and submit the proper hiring forms at the desired employment location. Store directors typically contact applicants within a few days to schedule face-to-face talks onsite.

The K & G Fashion Superstore Interview Process

Job hopefuls must expect to participate in multiple interview meetings with different directors and K & G Fashion Superstore hiring representatives. Applicants must characteristically pass a basic math test at the onset of the first interview. Often, the fashion retailer conducts short back-to-back, same-day

How to Make for the Interview? 

Applicants should make for the K & G Fashion Superstore interview procedure by reviewing work history to cite past customer service experiences. Job hopefuls may want to write good examples of times they went above and outside to meet client needs or other occasions, demonstrating problem-solving skills for some interview questions. Applicants may want to brush up on mathematics skills to ensure the completion of any pre-employment math tests.

What to Wear and Other Interview Advice

Select business-casual garments for each K & G Fashion interview. Covering an overly legal matter may not benefit candidates during the hiring process, but interviewers often appreciate applicants with professional and well-kempt arrivals.

On the day of the scheduled interview, reach early, look proper, and answer each interview inquiry directly and confidently while taking care to avoid long refractions or overly rehearsed responses. Thank K & G Fashion Supermarket managers for taking the time to meet and conclude each meeting with a firm handshake.

K&G Fashion Superstore to fill closed Shoe Carnival space at Cary Crossroads

The Crossroads Plaza retail power centre in Cary has signed a lease deal to bring a K&G Fashion Superstore to the centre later this summer.

K&G will be moving into the 10,400-square-foot space formerly occupied by the Shoe Carnival shoe store near the Michaels Arts & Crafts store. The store will be located at 404 Crossroads Blvd., Suite 1910, according to a news release from The Chambers Group.

The Cary store will be the second K&G store to open in the Triangle market. The Raleigh store opened at 4701 Capital Blvd. in 2003.

Atlanta-based K&G is owned by Tailored Brands (NYSE: TLRD), the holding company for Men’s Wearhouse and Jos A. Bank, which announced in March that it would be closing 250 of its stores in 2016.

None of the finishes is expected to impact K&G, which has about 85 stores in the U.S. The Chambers Group of Charlotte and its brokers at its new Raleigh office represented K&G in the lease deal.

Additional Benefits of Working at K&G Fashion Superstore

Employees at all levels are rewarded for their firm work with special bonuses linked to team performance. Full-time professionals are also provided with a competitive benefits package. This comprises sick leave, vacation time, single pension plans, and medical, dental, life, and long-term incapacity insurance.


K&G Fashion Superstore hiring managers look for candidates who can work well as a team. Therefore, be prepared to deliberate on the importance of teamwork and your knowledge of it. It is also best to research the company and ask a few questions that reflect your knowledge.

As with any job in style and retail, it is important to dress to impress when present at the meeting. Choose at least one statement piece of jewellery you can talk about confidently. Prepare for interview questions about your favourite designers and knowledge of fashion trends.