Fashion Shapes – The influence of fashion clouds the biopsychosocial growth of young people’s identity. Since they are usually aware of how society sees them, they are particularly concerned about their physical appearance and, above all, about the image they project. It causes them emotional problems and keeps them in a state of tension. Young people today are searching for identity; They are currently more likely to be influenced by fashion patterns because multiple advertisements surround them.

This environment affects them so that they adopt behaviors to belong to certain groups in society. At the same time, it is not a bad thing that young people want to meet in groups because of character affinities. The problem arises when a negative identity develops that is far from categorizing them into groups of people. Whose purpose is to seek well-being and get away from a state of danger. Put it right there.

Currently, young persons face numerous problems that undermine them, such as alcoholism, drug addiction, close partner violence, dropping out of school, eating illnesses, early pregnancy, bullying, emotional problems, and others. That distracts them from their overall educational and expert life: work and social growth.

Fashion Shapes – Fashion Design and its Impact on Society

Fashion Shapes - Fashion Design and its Impact on Society

A Brief Overview – Fashion Shapes

Clothing was made from animal skins covering the body and had a practical purpose: to protect people from the ravages of time. Wearing fur was the difference between life and death.

As our families evolved and extreme temperatures stabilized, clothing was no longer a practical object but an aesthetic object that communicated to the world the social class to which you belonged. It’s like:
The ancient Egyptians used fabrics like linen to make many of their clothes. Dressing in a certain way was a testimony of power and nobility, or on the contrary, it could also represent slavery and poverty.
In Roman civilization, owning a suit was a sign of power and wealth, and robes could indicate whether a person was a philosopher, priest, warrior, magistrate, or high dignitary.

The Renaissance marked the beginning of fashion design’s journey to what it is today: a profession.
However, with the industrial revolution, fashion became the concept we know today. Those clothes, adornments, and accessories used at a specific time and context. It can reproduce and offer for sale in large quantities.

Fashion and its Effect on Society – Fashion Shapes

Fashion has been present throughout human history, and its effect is undeniable for several reasons:
The simple fact of “dressing,” of covering our body with clothes, corresponds to societal demand.
Dressing a certain way, with certain clothes from current fashions, is a “brand” that communicates how a person embraces their gender, age, status, and role in society.

Fashion and manner of dress are considered the most significant expression of freedom. Especially by societies and governments that have contemplated the imposition and use of specific garments on citizens in uniform.

Fashion is a reflection of the critical moral and artistic values of societies. Its effect on modern societies is undeniable and has even shaped the way men and women view themselves for centuries. Its influence becomes visible when we analyze the “ideal bodies” of the 1950s and 1960s and compare them to the physical characteristics of contemporary ideal men and women.

Looking at the subject superficially, fashion and clothing design may seem like an irrelevant subject. But it has a deep connection with the development of human societies.

Fashion Designer: Profession with a Social Vocation

The fashion designer has a profound social significance. Although his daily life links to creating clothes and jewelry for the body or the hair. Your role is important because, through your knowledge and creativity, you can conceive, design, and produce products that serve two purposes:

Dress people, and protect them from bad weather and environmental hazards.

As a fashion designer, you can become the maker of universes. Small worlds expressed through fabrics. shapes, and colors, and that’s why today’s designers can be so famous, influential, and praised than any other public figure in the fashion world.

Fashion designers are vital professionals who could innovate new ways to create comfortable and proper clothing. Using resources that positively impact preserving the environment.

Fashion Shapes Conclusion

The world capitals of fashion are those cities where technique fundamentally impacts their economy. These are critical cities for the industry, setting international fashion trends.

In addition, the design, production, and trade of clothing, trade fairs, and events such as Fashion Week are of considerable importance globally.

There are traditionally four great fashion capitals in the world. Paris, New York, Milan, and London have topped the list for decades. But, together with Tokyo, the Asian capital of fashion, they have reached another level and are also the most popular luxury travel destinations for big brand shopping enthusiasts.

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