Here is the list of the Best Games of January 2022 with Release Dates. Over the past year, the fans have enjoyed trying out several high-end games. However, let us not forget that most of the titles supposed to be issued remained postponed until 2022.

And here we are for this new year. Which will rain us with better games than its predecessors. This comprehensive summary will learn about the list of the best games of January 2022. And also, everyone has their taste.

In the video game industry, 2022 saw the lingering belongings of the COVID-19 pandemic on the industry, a slowing in hardware sales for the greatest of the year, and development delays for essential titles. The sector continued its trend of attainments and mergers, highlighted by Microsoft proclaiming its plan to acquire Activision Blizzard for nearly $69 billion.

The manufacturing still dealt with issues such as workplace harassment, lack of understanding, and crunch periods, leading to at least the quality assurance operation at three studios voting to organize.

Monster Hunter Rise

Since its March 2021 release on Nintendo Switch, the new part of the prestigious Monster Hunter series has been a hit with its quality. You get high ratings. And also, long play hours even though they’re on only one device.

But her achievements will not end here. Starting on January 12, 2022, PC users will also enjoy monster hunting. And also, where they will learn about the various additions to this particular version.

God of War

However, for the past few years, Sony has remained seeking to take down its exclusives on PC devices. Therefore, God of War selecte for computer users to try among these titles starting on January 14, 2022.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: ExtractionWhat Type of Exfoliant is best for Acne-Prone Skin_ (1)

The new part of rainbow six will be radically changed. It will not remain dependent on rescuing civilians from terrorist groups or tactically eliminating them as fans of the series. Instead, within this parallel world.

Humanity will be subjected to a full-scale attack by zombies during this ordeal on special forces to try to survive them. Contingent on everyone in the division. The game remains predicted to be released on January 20.

Arceus – Pokémon Legends

Pokémon series fans will like a new escapade during this new section.

The latter will present them with the open world of Sinnoh. And also, where they have to reincarnate of the tame character to tame the first Pokémon on which humanity depends.

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