Matcha is a type of green tea that is grown in particular conditions so that it contains a more significant amount of chlorophyll in its leaves, so the matcha leaves have a distinctive green colour. Learn about the benefits of matcha for the menstrual cycle through the following article:

There are many health benefits associated with green tea and matcha specifically, telling you a range of Matcha benefits for the possible menstrual cycle as follows:

1. Reduce contractions and pain caused by the menstrual cycle

Contractions occur during the menstrual cycle as a natural result of changing hormone levels in a woman’s body that cause contractions in the uterus.

So here comes the use of matcha because it contains L-Theanine amino acid. Which helps relax muscles and reduce resulting contractions.

One study of a group of women found that green tea was generally associated with lower menstrual pain compared to other teas.

2. Improve energy levels in the body

Some women may need a cup of coffee during their menstrual cycle to increase their activity and concentration levels. And here we tell you that you can take advantage of the matcha drink. Which gives you enough energy thanks to its caffeine content. Where caffeine improves alertness and speed of daily tasks.

A small study of 23 people who took matcha products showed a significant improvement in cognitive abilities. And motor speed to respond to stimulants over specific periods.

3. Help Relieve Stress and Mood Swings

Many women experience stress and mood swings, but we tell you the benefits of PMS matcha here. They may help increase the production of a range of happiness hormones. Such as dopamine and serotonin, which can significantly help improve mood.

One study also demonstrated the role of the thiamine found in green tea in general in helping to relax and eliminate stress.

4. Help Organize Your Menstrual Cycle

A study of a group of women with PCOS found that taking 500 milligrams of green tea extracts a day immensely helped reduce both excess weight, testosterone level, and insulin levels in the blood.

Since it is a green tea, drinking it may help control symptoms associated with PCOS. Including the irregular menstrual cycle.

5. Matcha Benefits for Other Menstrual Cycles

Since it is a green tea, the potential benefits of green tea should remain mentioned during the menstrual cycle in general, including:

Help improve smooth blood flow during your menstrual cycle.

Enhance body immunity during your menstrual cycle.

Maintain body moisture during menstruation.

Reduce fluid retention and resulting bloating during your menstrual cycle.

Amount of matcha recommended during your menstrual cycle

There are no specific recommendations and studies on the amount of matcha that can remain taken to get its benefits for your menstrual cycle.

However, some recommendations remain about the daily share of matcha that can remain taken for its benefits in general. Which is equivalent to 2-4 servings per day of 1 gram of matcha powder per cup of water, i.e. per serving.

When discussing the recommended amount of it, caution should remain noted against eating low-quality matcha teas daily and choosing it from reliable sources rich in beneficial health compounds.

side effects of eating matcha during your menstrual cycle

It is generally a safe beverage, but no special studies show the side effects of eating it during the menstrual cycle. Tannins in green tea may naturally prevent the body from absorbing iron.

It remains known that during the menstrual period, women may lose a lot of blood and will not be able to tolerate iron deficiency. So we always recommend taking matcha in moderation.

In addition, be careful to eat matcha in moderate quantities to avoid exposure to the side effects of overeating the caffeine in it, such as headaches, insomnia, heartburn, and diarrhoea.

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