Local Strategy SEO Pack to Grow your Business

SEO Strategy – Are you putting effort into the parts of your business that matter most to appear in the top three relevant Google searches?

Within the SEO positioning strategies beyond the investigation of potential keywords and traffic attraction, you must consider your business’s image. How is it presented in the SERPs?

The most relevant businesses will always appear according to the user’s location, which guides by displaying a good Google Business Profile tab.

What is a Local Pack or a Local Pack SEO strategy?

A given business typically gets 50% clicks and comprises 80% of searches based on proximity. Therefore, a local pack SEO strategy will be beneficial for the geolocation of your business. Since Google is in charge of collecting a large amount of local information to choose the best companies near you, taking into account three essential aspects: proximity, prestige, and relevance.

If you meet these requirements (among others), you will automatically be one of the first options within the local SEO pack of the SERPs. For example, if you want to buy bread for your family, the search intent is probably “bakery in CDMX.” Automatically, the search engine will show you the best options near you according to the guidelines that we mentioned above.

The results below will be those of search engine advertising and organic positioning, which will surely provide more general information about “the best bakeries in CDMX.”
It all depends on the search intent and your local SEO strategy, and the use of micromarketing. The more specific you are with the guidelines required by the search engine, the better positioned your business will be.

Before mentioning the main characteristics you must meet within the local pack SEO strategy, you need to know its subcategories.

ABC Pack

This type of search refers to when you are looking for a specific brand. In this way, the search engine will show you the location of the different business chains that are around you. For example: “Gandhi bookstores.” Automatically, three options marked with the letters A, B, and C will appear on the map to see which one would be closest to you. In the same way, if you have an emergency to get to a place where they have the product or service you need, Google will present you with three different business options marked in the same way with the letters A, B, and C.

Things you should know about the ABC Local Pack
Options to go to the website or how to get there through Google Maps.
User reviews are not displayed.
Visible telephone numbers and hours
The business category is not displayed.

Local Finder

This search result appears when you click on one of the options of the local SEO pack; immediately on the left side, you will present a series of businesses with the specifications you want to find. On the other hand, the map will locate on the right side.

  • Things you should know about Local Finder
  • It is not the same as Global Market Finder.
  • By clicking on one of the businesses, the knowledge panel will appear with much more information.

There are times when it gets confused with Google Maps. For example, local Finder only shows you a specific geographical area.

Snack Pack

When you observe a place to eat or visit, the search engine will give you three results similar to those of the ABC Local Pack instead of containing information such as its website or how to get there? First, a photo of the place will appear.

In this type of search, you will even present the cost of service, as in the case of hotels.

Local SEO Pack Features

Local SEO Pack Features

So that Google can choose your business through a comparison with other companies that offer the same product or service as you, it is essential that you have the following updated:

  • NAP (Name, address, phone)
  • Without the NAP, you will not be able to have visibility in the SERPs. Therefore, it is the first requirement to optimize continually.
  • Name
  • Direction
  • telephone
  • Updated Google Business Profile listing
  • Indicate the services or products of your business.
  • Post photos that users can identify with what you offer.
  • Provide geolocated photographs of the business.
  • Complete the information with keywords.
  • Always respond to user comments.
  • Reinforce the location of your business, placing the name of the city or town.
  • Publish content to appear in local pack SEO results.

Don’t Neglect your SEO Strategy

When you want to have visibility in the Local SEO Pack, positioning a site through keywords or other strategies is often left aside. It is something that should not happen. All SEO components are essential to growing the visibility of a business. With the plugin for local SEO strategies, you can ensure that your business will be part of 80% of local searches.

Select the quality keywords that specify the main characteristics of your business. In the same way, do not forget to review the type of keywords in your campaigns that may confuse your service or product with another or that you do not offer at the moment.


The more recommendations you have through external links, the better positioned your business is on the web. So make sure you provide the correct click-worthy links to your landing page.

Take care of the design of the landing page
The presentation of your business can be from the Local SEO Pack. Still, the landing page or Landing Page is what will establish the user experience to reach a stage of consideration and possible decision in the conversion funnel.

Optimize your business’s landing page, and do not forget to have solid cybersecurity to obtain credibility and customer trust. Firewalls, VPNs, and proper browsing habits are some ways to protect the very security of your business and user data.

Use Video Marketing

It is increasingly common that national and international prestige companies already have a solid video marketing strategy among their marketing plans. However, local businesses must also provide this new experience so that the potential lead feels close to what you do and offer in your industry.

Therefore, Invest in video marketing to have a greater reach in the SERPs. You will also increase your traffic on social networks with guaranteed clicks that can go directly to your business’s Landing Page.


A well-executed local pack SEO strategy can help your business perform in the SERPs, not to mention organic positioning. However, remember that it is not only a matter of getting traffic and clicks. The visual presentation and preliminary information of your business are essential for the user to become a potential lead.

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