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WhatsApp Business (3)WhatsApp Business allows you to have a business presence on WhatsApp, Communicate extra efficiently with your customers & help you grow your business.

If you have separate business & personal mobile numbers, So you can have both [WhatsApp Business] & WhatsApp

What is [WhatsApp Business]?

Manage your official [WhatsApp business] account on your smartphone

[WhatsApp Business] is a completed independent tool designed for the WhatsApp customer. Its job is to manage various aspects of your [business] account so customers can contact your business via WhatsApp chat. The only requirement is to register to increase your official [WhatsApp Business] status.

Enter your business profile details into the app, including your region and mailing address (if any). This information is published on each listing. You can also reply to customers who have contacted you.

WhatsApp Business Multiple Users: Different [Business] Sizes

How you use [WhatsApp Business] with multiple users or devices depends on which WhatsApp product you use ([WhatsApp Business] app or [WhatsApp Business] API). Each platform has its method for adding users and devices.

[WhatsApp Business] App

WhatsApp has designed the features of the [WhatsApp Business] app with small businesses in mind. The setup process is easy, and the app is free for companies. [WhatsApp Business] app allows multiple users to use [WhatsApp Business].

Until now, it was only accessible from smartphones and PCs. However, after the recent update of his [WhatsApp Business] app in 2022, WhatsApp Business can be linked to up to 5 devices. It includes 1 phone + 4 additional devices for each number.

WhatsApp is also rolling out a [WhatsApp Business] Premium subscription plan that allows businesses to connect up to 10 devices. This plan is currently only available in certain countries. To try it out before signing up, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial.

For a sole proprietor or small [business], connecting 5 to 10 devices to one of his [WhatsApp] numbers is enough as long as the team size stays the same. As your business grows, you need a more sophisticated platform to handle more agents, contacts, and messages. It is where the WhatsApp API comes into play.

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