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Makeup Write For Us

Makeup Write For Us

The term makeup is used to designate any product or element used in the decoration, coloring, and arrangement of a person’s facial features. Makeup comprises various elements that fulfill specific functions and are applied to specific parts of the face to highlight, color, decorate, or hide certain features. Makeup is nowadays an easily accessible product and can be found in numerous businesses and establishments. However, this was not always the case since, before, it was a luxury item to which only the highest classes had access.

Characteristics of Makeup

Characteristics of Makeup
As experts say, makeup “is the noble art of beautifying people,” it has become one of the most critical elements of the image and, therefore, one of the essential techniques in the beauty field.

Makeup is the technique intended to enhance facial features and simultaneously conceal defects to achieve greater harmony.

Although at a first level of analysis, makeup may seem like a somewhat frivolous decorative technique, nothing could be further from the truth.

Makeup provides more excellent attractiveness and, therefore, greater security. When we feel more secure, we act more firmly and decisively.

Currently, makeup has become essential for many people, such as actors, models, presenters, etc., but also for those who want to present an impeccable appearance without living off their image.

The golden rule in makeup is that its results must be natural and communicate health and harmony.


  • By giving homogeneity to the skin (makeup), and avoiding color differences (devitalization and atony).
  • The points of color (blush and lips) provide vitality, associated with good blood flow to the capillaries.
  • By correcting dark shadows under the eyes (dark circles concealer), the look regains splendor and energy.
  • Compensate for downward lines on the face (concealer or eyebrow waxing, eye and lip liner), immediately eliminating signs of tiredness and sadness on the face.


  • Makeup brings harmony to the features: widening, narrowing, lengthening, or shortening, depending on the balance required.
  • The effect of colors in makeup (light dilates, dark contracts) is used to respond to the balance of the features and harmoniously and appropriately combine the ranges of warm and cold colors.
  • Makeup also reinforces the image, harmonizing skin colors, hair, and clothing.

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Makeup Write for Us

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