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Travel Write For Us

Travel Write For Us

Travel is the action and result of traveling (moving from one place to another by any means of locomotion). The idea is used to name the transfer itself, the period in which said transmission is made, and the trip to anywhere.

Reasons for a Trip

Reasons for a Trip
Travel involves changing people’s location, which can be done on foot or through any means of transportation (a motor vehicle, a bicycle, or an animal). As for the reasons for a trip, they can be very varied: some trips are made for leisure (those linked to tourism ), others are carried out for social or family reasons (visiting an aunt or a friend), and some are carried out for academic or work reasons (a study trip, attendance at a business meeting).

In the same way, it is also essential to establish that, fundamentally, it can be undertaken differently when it comes to leisure travel. Thus, for example, some people prefer to carry them out as a backpacker, having a backpack as their only luggage, walking a lot, and staying in the accommodations they find along the way.

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We prefer submissions as Word documents so our editors can easily review them and provide feedback and advice directly to you.

What happens after you email us your finances? Could you write to us on the blog?

The editor will review your post within 48 hours and decide if it meets our criteria. If so, it will be uploaded as soon as possible.

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Writing for readwriteart can give massive exposure to your website for customers looking for Travel.

Readwriterart presence is on Social media and will share your article for the Travel related audience.

You can reach out to Travel enthusiasts.

Article Guidelines on Readwriteart – Travel Write For Us

Authenticity – Content must be original and not copied from elsewhere (including your blog). We love authentic content that shows a bit of personality and real first-hand experience.

Writing tone and style – Write like talking to a friend or colleague. We are not a very formal brand, so the content should match our brand personality.

Audience – Our audience is diverse and mostly between 18-59. We welcome content that offers different views, experiences, and perspectives, whether it’s an inspirational story, opinion, or advice.

Quality – Ensure a high spelling, grammar, structure, and format standard. You can use text, bullets, or numbers as needed.

Keep your article to at least 500 words unless it is a photo story. Photo stories must be at least 300 words and contain eight photos.

Content – ​​The content topic you choose must be relevant to our tours and destinations. Please check that our tours go to the destination you choose to write about. External links to non-affiliated websites are not permitted.

Images – We require at least 4 photos to accompany each piece of content, but we aim for about one image per paragraph. Use photos that you own the rights to or that can be shared without copyright.

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