Manicure – A person’s hands say a lot about them. Our hands are the means with which we express interest, admiration, and closeness to a considerable extent. Its appearance is an integral part of the public image that we give, and although we can take care of our hands with creams and scrubs, the only place we can beautify them is the nails. Also, in times of pandemics, it appreciate being able to show or express our personality through our manicures. Nowadays, with the great variety they offer us, not everyone knows precisely how many types of manicures there are or what each consists.

Professional Manicure Protocol Step by Step

  • Nail make-up removal
  • Trim and trim the nails with the pliers.
  • File and polish nails
  • Exfoliation
  • Put your hands in the container with water for 2 or 3 minutes.
  • Lift the cuticle and the skin attached to the sheet with the orange stick and apply the cuticle
  • remover
  • Hand, forearm, and elbow massage
  • Put the base of the nail
  • Make up the nails with 1 or 2 coats
  • Add a layer of glitter to the finish.

Types of Manicure According to the Duration of Enamel

Basic manicure / traditional manicure: This is the basis of manicures. The procedure is the same for all, except that one technique depends on the finish and the Shape you want to obtain. In this type of manicure, the varnish lasts for a few days.

Permanent manicure: This type of manicure distinguishes by the enamel’s duration, lasting up to three weeks in perfect conditions. To remove it, you need to go to a beauty salon.

Semi-permanent manicure: this type of manicure lasts more minor than the previous one but more than the basic manicure. You can alternate the type of manicure and color more often. It is less aggressive than the previous one and therefore more recommended.

Therefore,  all three are compatible with all manicures depending on the type of enamel.

Types of Manicure by Type of Enamel

Types of Manicure by Type of Enamel

French Manicure

It is one of the best known. Brings an elegant and discreet touch to nails.
A neutral basecoat is applied, and a thin white line is drawn horizontally across the top of the nail.

Finally, everything seals with a layer of transparent enamel.

Reverse French Manicure

It is less known than the previous one, and the horizontal line is on the opposite side in the lunula.

Russian Manicure

It differs in the method of handling the cuticle.
The nail is clean with a drill. Finally, it is done dry, and the cuticle is altogether removed.
The nail can be painted closer to the root, and the growth is not noticeable so quickly.

American Manicure

It considers a variant of the French manicure.
The difference is that it gives a more natural look to the final finish.
In this case, more obvious color contrast is sought.

Brazilian Manicure

In this type of manicure, the hands not immerse in water to soften the cuticles.
Instead, gloves are placed with keratin and vitamin E actives which are nourishing, antioxidant, and have regenerating properties.

Japanese Manicure

Their effort is not to decorate the nail but to improve its health. It consists of applying a special paste (seaweed and beeswax) on the nail’s surface to make it shinier and brighter.
Thus, the final finish is with pearl powder of marine origin. A shiny, healthy, and beautiful nail with a natural look obtain.

Jelly Manicure

A transparent, gelatinous color effect is created, like colored glass.
It is made of translucent acrylic that sculpts onto the nail.

Shadow Manicure

It creates a color gradient on the nail, from darker to lighter.
Also, with transitions between different shades with a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal angle

Baby Boomer Manicure

It is a gradient technique from a nude tone to a white style.
It achieves using acrylic powders (usually white and pink), placed on the nail, and then blended with a brush.

What Types of Manicures Exist?

There are many ways to take care of ourselves and pamper ourselves, even with small details. One of those cares that make a difference is the manicure. But what types of manicures exist? Taking care of hands and nails is an art, and although we can often do our manicures at home, having the help of a professional will always ensure a job well done and an excellent result.

Like fashions, the types of manicures have changed over the years. Therefore, surely you know the most common types of manicure, such as the French manicure. But other types of manicures may be more suited to your style and personality. Do you want to meet them? Then, we take a look at the most popular ones!

Manicures for the Care of your Nails

Manicures for the Care of your Nails

1. Paraffin

Paraffin manicure is ideal for dry and tired hands and nails. For this manicure type, the hands place in a container with hot paraffin wax.

Depending on the condition of the hands, they should keep submerged in the wax for between 15 and 30 minutes. Then, the resin removes, and a massage is given using natural oil to moisturize, for example, grape seed oil.

2. Rehabilitate

A rehabilitative manicure can increase and improve circulation in the hands. However, it also indicates dry skin. There are different products to perform manicures of this type, for example, a combination of aloe with a particular type of algae for dermatological treatments. It would be best to put your hands soak in the prepared solution and then remove the dry skin with a natural exfoliant that does not include any chemical product among its compounds.

3. Hot Stones

The hot stone manicure especially indicates the relaxation and care of your hands. The hands are massaged and moisten during the manicure, just like a regular manicure. However, in this type of manicure, the massage perform with two hot stones. The experience aims to relax the person and relieve her stress.

4. Spa

The spa  may be the most widespread among the manicures for care. A spa can include many treatments, including paraffin immersion. What makes spa manicures different is that they usually include aromatic salt massages, moisturizing hand masks, and other therapies. The hands and forearms rub with salt in the spa  massage. A hot towel is then placed over them to help penetrate them better. After washing hands, a moisturizing hand mask applies. A cuticle treatment, cutting, filing, and nail polish to finish.

What Shape do you Want to give your Nails?

First, you have to think about what shape you want your nails to be. Of course, the most used are the oval and round ones, but you have other options! Here are some examples to see which shape best suits your hands. Did you imagine that there were so many different types?


To have beautiful hands, you have to pay special attention. Although they can sometimes go unnoticed, well-groomed hands with the proper appearance manage to capture the eyes of both men and women. You have a manicure at slightest once a month to have beautiful hands. We will see different types of manicures in this object. Some focus on skincare and keeping nails well-groomed, while others focus on color and nail design.

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