[pii_email_a0e6739a6875234499bf] The following steps will help to fix this error:

  • Close any opened Microsoft Outlook window.
  • Reopen Outlook.
  • Open a few more windows, so you have admission to all.
  • Confirm everything has gotten upgraded to the updated versions.
  • If not, then update to the recent edition of Office 365.

Hopefully, you will have fixed the email error by following these steps carefully.

What is [pii_email_a0e6739a6875234499bf]Microsoft Outlook Error, and Why Does it Occur?

Microsoft Outlook error [pii_email_a0e6739a6875234499bf]is caused by a conflict with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server, and a misconfigured software setting causes Microsoft Outlook error pii_email_a0e6739a6875234499bf. It is recommended to check that all parameters entered are correct for a port number, authentication and secure connection.

What is [pii_email_a0e6739a6875234499bf]Microsoft Outlook Error, and Why Does it Occur_

What are the Purposes for this [pii_email_a0e6739a6875234499bf] Mistake?

Any production application is vulnerable to various bug outbreaks. There is no particular reason why such an error occurs. If you see an error, start investigating the problem.

Interestingly, the error code is explicitly identified in MS Outlook email programming, not webmail. Regardless of how long the error appears on your PC, you can regularly work with your MS Outlook emails from your internet browser.

I’ll quote some of the usual explanations for such errors: However, remember that your PC can also run into problems for various reasons.

  • Your MS Office isn’t viable with your Windows OS.
  • You unintentionally introduced defiled documents.
  • MS Outlook setting got ruined.
  • You have closed down MS Outlook unexpectedly – too often.
  • Forthcoming up-degree of the product.
  • The utilization of pilfered programming.

The summary is not exhaustive. There can be various reasons behind such bugs. So, it’s more important to research possible answers to fix these errors. I will publish some quick answers to fix the error code. The summary is not thorough. To fix these errors, it’s more important to research possible solutions. I will publish some quick answers to fix the error code [pii_email_019b690b20082ef76df5].

What are the Purposes for this [pii_email_a0e6739a6875234499bf] Mistake_

Using one Account to Access Microsoft Outlook –


That power frightens you, but as they say, the truth is bitter. Do you happen to have many Microsoft accounts that you have managed? If you do, it can reason a problem in the SMPT server, which will cause you to get an pii_email_a0e6739a6875234499bf email error when you open Outlook. It would help if you tried using only one account on Microsoft Outlook. However, if you happen to use multiple accounts, which caused this error, we have you covered.

Using one Account to Access Microsoft Outlook - pii_email_a0e6739a6875234499bf

The below steps will help get rid [pii_email_a0e6739a6875234499bf] of the error

  • Firstly, log out of all accounts you had for Outlook.
  • Secondly, close and clear any programs that you have open.
  • Then reopen and log in to one account.
  • This process will make Microsoft Outlook refresh.
  • So, you can log in to one out without facing that error again.

Using Auto Repair Tool –


Try this step if you are still getting [pii_email_a0e6739a6875234499bf] email errors after following the above two steps. For this step, use the automatic repair tool.

  • Open Outlook and click ‘File,’ then ‘Account Settings.’
  • Once you open the account setting, choose the account where you face this error and click on Repair.
  • Proceed by clicking on Repair work.
  • Finally, follow the instructions on your screen, and hopefully, you will no longer face the email error.


This article describes the Microsoft Outlook [pii_email_a0e6739a6875234499bf] error. One of the methods worked as expected and fixed the error code pii_email_a0e6739a6875234499bf. Otherwise, contact the Microsoft team for a solution for the error code [pii_email_a0e6739a6875234499bf].

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