Eyeshadow Write for Us, Contribute, And Submit Guest Post-2023.

Eyeshadow Write for Us, Contribute, And Submit Guest Post-2023.

Eyeshadow Write for Us – Eyeshadows are one of the top ways to show your creativity regarding makeup. There are so many eyeshadow choices to play with! Although this is generally a great thing, it can also make it a bit difficult when deciding which ones to use.
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How To Select Eyeshadow Colors That Look Best On YOUR Eyes

We believe the best way to select eyeshadows is to base them on your eye colour. The colour wheel guides us to opposite shades (opposite your eye colour) and one-colour shades (same as your eye colour but in a different hue).

  • Opposite Shades (opposite your eye colour) will make your eye colour POP and stand out
  • One-color Shades (same as your eye colour) will flatter your eyes and look lovely

Once you know how to select the right colours, you can create colour combinations and know precisely what to wear to feel gorgeous and confident, which means no more ruts! Let’s look at the colour wheel.

How To use a Color Roll to select eyeshadow shades?

The colour wheel is a round chart of the primary colours (red, blue, yellow), secondary colours (colours you get when mixing primary colours composed), & tertiary colours, the colours on the sides of the subordinate colours.

The wheel shows us what colours complement each other by looking directly across from any stain.

For example, see how blue and orange are opposites or straight across from them. This means blue colours will stand out next to orange hues. When we apply this to how to choose eyeshadow colours: ORANGE-toned eyeshadows will complement BLUE eyes. Make sense?

How To use a Color Roll to select eyeshadow shades_

So, let’s break that down for each eye colour – to see the shades of the eyeshadow that will complement YOUR eyes.

For monochromatic eyeshadow colour combinations – you would choose shades similar to your eyes but in different hues.

If you’d like a shortcut/easy button, look at our eyeshadow palettes for YOUR eye colour. We designed eyeshadow colour combinations that will look gorgeous and get you looking fabulous faster!

How to Apply Eyeshadow Correctly

Napoleon Perdis, celebrity makeup artist and creator of NP Set cosmetics, offers this secret for shadow application: Always apply your mascara first. To minimize the mess of shadow application, use a firm, small brush rather than a fluffy brush. The stiffer bristles help keep colour in place.

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Guidelines for Article to Writing Eyeshadow Write for Us

Guidelines for Article to Writing Eyeshadow Write for Us

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