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Apple CarPlay Not Working? – Here’s How to Fix Common Issues

Apple CarPlay Not Working_ - Here's How to Fix Common Issues

Apple CarPlay Not Working – With iOS 13 and later, Apple CarPlay makes it easy to see the road ahead. Access iOS apps by routing everything through your car’s infotainment system.

CarPlay is a convenient way to make calls, send text messages, and listen to your favourite music using your iPhone. These features make Apple CarPlay feel good until it stops working. While CarPlay is connected, you may not be able to connect, open the app correctly, or hear anything.

If you face this issue, you’ve landed on the right page. Here are the most common issues iOS users face with Apple Carplay and how to fix them.

Apple CarPlay: Common Issues

There are multiple reasons why Apple CarPlay may not work or stop working. For example:

Usually, people also look for problems while setting up Apple CarPlay. This is because they don’t know the correct way. To set up Apple CarPlay,

  1. Start your car
  2. Make Sure Siri is On
  3. Connect your iPhone to the car

There are 2 ways to connect your iPhone to your car:

Note: For extra information, refer to your car manual.

Whether it’s no sound, no connection, or apps not syncing, some practical ways to fix Apple CarPlay not working correctly, before contacting the vehicle manufacturer, the following steps should be taken.

How to Fix Apple CarPlay Issues

We have amassed a list of ways to fix common Apple CarPlay issues that users often face.

Prefatory Checks

Before diving into the solution, there are a few things to check.

If you’ve done all the preliminary checks and Apple CarPlay still isn’t working, try the solutions below to fix the problem.

Note: Before looking for a solution, ensure your region and Vehicle support Apple CarPlay. If it is not supported, you will not be able to connect or access its features.

Apple CarPlay Screen Time Issue Fix

So make sure CarPlay is enabled on your iPhone. Multiple settings can interfere with your CarPlay connection, so please re-enable it. To do this, go to Settings -> General -> CarPlay and reconnect to your Vehicle.

However, if you are using iOS 14 and have CarPlay disabled in Screen Time, go to Settings -> Screen Time -> Content & Privacy Restrictions -> Allowed Apps To do.

Allow CarPlay While Locked Fix

Make sure CarPlay is enabled when locked. If it is not allowed when closed, it cannot be activated when the phone screen is off. To fix this, go to Settings -> General -> CarPlay and tap your car in the list of available connections. Then turn on Allow CarPlay while locked.

Fix: Enable Siri

You need to checked if Siri is enabled on your iPhone. Siri must be enabled for CarPlay to work. If it is not allowed, follow the steps below to enable it.

Go to Settings -> Siri & Exploration and make sure the following options are turned on:

The last option to allow Siri when locked is often disabled by many iPhone users and is often the main reason CarPlay doesn’t work. Make sure it is enabled.

Change USB Cable

So, If your car supports CarPlay via USB cable, ensure it’s not broken. If the cable is original, make sure the cable is not broken or damaged. Please purchase a new genuine cable as the problem you are facing may be due to a damaged line.

Make Sure Bluetooth is On

If CarPlay is wirelessly connected via Bluetooth, make sure it’s powered on. Usually, the reason CarPlay doesn’t work is that your Bluetooth connection isn’t enabled. So please turn it on, and in the meantime, be sure to remove any other connected devices from the list.

Reconnect Apple CarPlay Connection

Another solution is to forget and reset the CarPlay connection. Do this:

How to Fix It Once Apple CarPlay is Not Working

Apple CarPlay gives you hands-free access to iOS apps while driving by routing everything through your car’s infotainment system. This is fine until Apple CarPlay stops working correctly. CarPlay may not connect, the CarPlay app may not open properly, or you may hear nothing when CarPlay is connected.

Here’s how to reconnect everything if Apple CarPlay isn’t working.

Causes for Apple CarPlay Not Working

Even if Apple CarPlay used to work, there are several reasons why it may not work or stop. These include:

How to Fix Apple CarPlay Issues

Whether it’s no connectivity, no sound, or apps not working, you can take steps to fix the problem. Try these steps to see if the subject is resolved and CarPlay works again. If not, move on. You may have solved your problem before reaching the end of the list.

Restart your iPhone and Vehicle

First, restart your iPhone, then restart your Vehicle. Rebooting works fine and may solve the issue you are facing. To renew your phone:

Finally, if you still have problems with your Apple CarPlay connection, you should contact the Apple Support Center. They will investigate this issue further and support you.

Apple CarPlay is one of the most convenient and secure features launched by Apple. However, connectivity issues can sometimes interfere with a smooth user experience. But every problem has a solution, and I’ve highlighted them above.


Why is Google Maps non-working with Apple CarPlay?

So, to use Google Maps with Apple Car Play, your iPhone must run iOS 12 or later. To fix Google Maps issues on your iPhone, ensure location services are enabled, check your date and time settings, and then take up the app.

How do I stop over Autoplay in Apple Music on CarPlay?

To incapacitate Autoplay in Apple Music, open the current song and tap the autoplay icon (infinity symbol) to deselect it. Disabling Bluetooth also disables Autoplay.

Which cars have Apple CarPlay?

Apple has a list of cars that support CarPlay. Extra than 600 models from dozens of manufacturers worldwide support Apple CarPlay.

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